Is It A Must To Create An E-Book To Build Traffics To Your Blog?

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Hi Warriors,

Is It A Must To Create Your Own E-Book To Build Traffics To Your Blog?
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    There are many ways to generate traffic to your blogs. Here are some of them:
    (1) submit your articles to articles directories (ezinearticles etc)
    (2) submit your video to videos directories (youtube etc)
    (3) submit software or tools to software directories
    (4) backlinks building
    (5) social bookmarking
    (6) directories submission
    (7) podcasting
    (8) PPC
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  • No, it's not a must, but having your own product - an eBook being one of them - that you can distribute for free would be an excellent catalyst for a viral marketing campaign or a fantastic leverage to entice visitors into subscribing to your mailing list, both of which are traffic-generating tactics that can benefit your blog for a long, long time.
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  • First, you give away a free ebook to allow your subscribers to get a sample of what you have to offer.

    You will then create a much more valuable, more intense and well-researched product in digital formal and sell it.

    If you do it all on your own, you make a lot of profit.

    if you allow someone else to ghostwrite for you -- you still make a lot of money and avoid the grunt work.
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      It's not the only way to build traffic - but everyone loves a freebie so it's a good way to entice people. I've just started working with blog carnivals to drive some easy traffic to my sites - might be worth a look.
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      Ebooks can also be used as free giveaway items in your blogs, but don't forget to ask for an email add in exchange

      Hasta la WinVista, Baby!

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    No - it isn't a must - however, it can help

    Think of other ways to generate traffic as well and you will be surprised how much traffic you get.
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      Your objective as a blogger should be to...

      1. Give away information that lead to solutions your customer wants - could be an ebook, an 7-part email delivered course, a video or series of videos, an audio download (tips, interviews, etc...). Ideally you are able to get opt-ins and build a list from your blog using these giveaways

      2. You should - over time - get a good sense of what desires your reading audience has, what questions they have, what products they are looking for which you can then turn into your own list of products - ebooks, reprots, videos, monetize your blog traffic

      3. Create viral products (similar to #1) but with syndication in mind - so that other bloggers will link to you - partners will send traffic to your blogs in exchange for any product sales their referrals make after a reader turns into a customer.

      Here's a great blog post on how to create "Off-ramps" from your blog into monetization strategies:

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    You need to have something that you will give to people for free. Does not have to be an ebook, it could be a video or audio or something else, but you gotta have something.

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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the great tips. You guys are right about one thing. Create a free e-book to entice people to your blog/website and that's my intention for this year.

    Look out for it on my blog some time this year.

    Thanks again, guys.

    Cheers and talk soon.
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    Originally Posted by jeffreys View Post

    Hi Warriors,

    Is It A Must To Create Your Own E-Book To Build Traffics To Your Blog?
    An ebook is not a must...but it can help....and not only in bringing you traffic....but also more planting affiliate links in the content.

    Make it viral too but coupling it with a rebrandable software like this Viral PDF eBooks - turn your PDF documents into a viral sales force so that the ebooks can be passed around with your customers' affiliate links...this is more for getting your name out there...

    My 2 cents,
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    It does not always be like that, there are other ways to generate more traffic to sites. Ebooks can be of great help in generating more traffic if you also knew how to market it. Aside from which, you can also generate income if you sell your ebook in a not so expensive price.
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