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Hey guys, I've got a few videos I need to get onto my site, in VLC format. They are each about 190 MB, and it looks like to upload into Wordpress it is telling me I need them to be under 64 MB. Is there a format that will do this for me, and if so, any help on how I can do that conversion? Thanks a bunch!
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    You could upload them via FTP BUT I suggest you lower the quality. I'm sure Josh will chime in will details. He is the video guy.

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    Do you have your site set up on or a paid host?

    isn't vlc format a playlist?
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    What i can suggest you is to cut into a few parts.. Then upload it.. Put it like part 1, part 2 and etc.
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    I was under the assumption that VLC is a type of media player, not the actual type of media file.

    In any rate, I will say the following:

    1 -- The format you should be using for your web video nowadays is MP4. It gives the best quality/size ratio. To convert your video to MP4 format the best free program to use is HandBrake. If the videos will be streamed on your site then make sure to check the 'Web Optimized' box before converting the videos. That step is very important for MP4 videos.

    2 -- I really wouldn't recommend uploading videos of that size (or any videos in fact) to your Wordpress. Nowadays all streaming videos and large files for download should really be hosted on a separate CDN such as Amazon S3. It's going to be a much more sensible solution for both yourself and your customers.

    P.S. Garrie. Has anyone ever told you you look like KD Lang? For real...
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      Originally Posted by WillR View Post

      The format you should be using for your web video nowadays is MP4. It gives the best quality/size ratio.
      Just to clear this up... MP4 is just a "container" format, and does not in and of itself have much (if any) effect on the actual quality or size of a video. The main reason you would choose one container format over another (FLV, MP4, MOV, etc) is for maximum compatibility with your target audience.

      The primary factors that determine the actual quality/size ratio of a video are A) what codec is used, and B) what the bitrate is.

      That said, I spent quite a bit of time testing various video codecs for a previous online venture. And I've always gotten the best quality/size ratio with either the h.264 or VP6/7 codec (depending on the type of video).

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    You can just bring down the bit rate and video size during conversion OR you can upload these file via FTP where you will not have 64MB limit. Hope this helps
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    If you have a paid host for your site, you can upload them via FTP. Otherwise use a video conversion software such as HandBrake to convert them to mp4 to reduce the size, refer this tutorials, it's a easy job.
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    For video conversion you can use
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