Any help in creating wordpress automated dog park search site!

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Hi All,

This might seem like a leftfield request and one that isn't particularly profitable, but I am a dog walker in Melbourne Australia and we have a lot of restrictions as to where you can take your dogs.

There are a few government resources etc to find specific council areas. But I want a more interactive, more verified information source for people with photos they provide.

My nearest 'competitor' seems to be doggo DOT the issue I have with this is that they are a front for a wordpress design company, they have nothing to do with dogs, and the whole content is user generated, no verification etc. Just a trail of user comments (to provide content for google of course).

I am looking to do something halfway between fully automated, and completely manual. As I have my main dog walking site to look after I dont want to spend every day meticulously 'pawing' over information, but I do want to provide maybe more information, maybe on less parks.

Does anyone know how I can automate some of this process, presumably with some sort of plug ins? I am new to wordpress (previously used joomla) so I am not sure how I could for instance provide an automated form for people to submit information, or a Search box where people put there suburb or post code in to search for parks nearby.

Any help appreciated. Cheers Bruce
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    Hi Bruce,

    If you know your keywords, you can try the Push Button SEO plugin to start curating content.

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      can you elaborate on that extension?

      this q is mainly about search plugins etc for creating the site and if there is anything suitable in warrior forum members views, that i can use with wordpress. Not sure if an seo plugin will give me exclusive content, or help automate content for pages?

      just a dog guy.

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    You can try UAW (Unique Article Wizard), but you still have to read the posts before publishing them and some posts they send are not relevant to your blog, but it's worth giving them a try. Also, WPRobot3 plugin , they are good at sending completed articles, but they're not free, UAW I think is free. hope that helps.

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      Thanks AF54,

      this post was more about how to automate people's information about dog parks, so they become listings in my dog park directory ...

      I know more about joomla apps and where to get them than wordpress, but I guess it is similar so I will just have to search.


      just a dog guy.

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    Honestly, I would rather hire a va than only use automated seo methods.
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    Reading these replies and seeing that people have no clue what you're asking, I realize just how much we (my team) have learned about directory sites in the last year. I have six of them now. The plugin you're looking for is the "More Fields" plugin which lets you customize the "new post" area in wordpress so that when you add a new profile, the fields you want everyone to answer appear. So far, we have elected to NOT allow our paid members to access their own profile content. They send in an MS Word form to us and we manually craft their profiles to assure best possible conversion to leads. We have virtually no support issues as a result. You're really going to need a devoted wordpress junkie on your team to make it work and when you charge for every posting, it makes it worthwhile to pay for the help to do it right.
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    check out i think that will work out for you

    Established webmaster since 1998. Bought my first domain name for $70 and had to pay $1000 a month for hosting. It was the good life

    Skype: twool9
    Email me at thomasw9 ((((a)))) G mail

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    you can try the services i offer in Wordpress Themes | Premium Wordpress Themes | , i can offer you a customization work to make something work out for you. I also have the business directory listing theme called buzzler, thats coming soon. Here it is: Buzzler - WordPress Business Directory Theme |

    you can PM me for details on how we will do this.
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    also Buzzler directory theme will allow you zip radius search based on google maps. The offer you a great api and buzzler business directory theme comes with this feature integrated.
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