How Often Should I Submit Articles?

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I am going to submit articles to ezinearticles and was wondering how often i should submit them for effective traffic generation?

And is this the only one i should be submitting to and if not who are the main ones
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    If you can write an article a day, you should soon be on a schedule where you have an article being published every day in the site
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    Submit ALL your articles to your own website first...

    Your own personal property (domain)

    Then submit them to Ezine and wherever else you want to after that.

    There really is no definite answer for how many or how often you should submit articles, this is dependant on your article quality and writing ability.. if you write really well, then you may not need to submit as much.

    If your writing is a little less powerful, you might want to submit more... or improve your ability to write

    I'm not saying either of these are you.. just sharing my opinion.. and it's worth every penny

    I like a constant stream of submissions in a niche... I submit content in most my niches every day.



    Bare Murkage.........

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    Submit as often as you can, daily, a few times a week at the least if you really want to make an impact. For me, Ezinearticles is always the top choice but there are a lot of other ones out there too. If you are only going to go with one, use Ezinearticles definitely.

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    Plan an article marketing strategy - Submit 2-3 articles per day to ezine articles for starters. Increase the tempo once you are ready. Submit 2-3 other articles (not the ones you submitted to EZA) to all other article directories. That should keep you going.

    Hasta la WinVista, Baby!

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    Personally, I think Jay hit the nail on the head. Here is a quick example of why:

    Focus on QUALITY first, not quantity. If you submit one article, and it is picked up by 10 ezines, and you get 250 clicks on your url then you have a quality article. If you are doing one of these per day then your day will be VERY productive.

    On the contrary, if you have a quantity focused mindset, and you focused on getting 3-5 articles written and submitted, but your efforts yield results that were LESS than those get the picture.

    Over time, even one per day has the potential of getting you where you want to go in terms of search engine results and individual activity from the articles themselves. Focus on taking it slow and perfecting your results. Once you nail consistency, then you can multiply your efforts.

    Good luck though and much success!

    Mac the Knife
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    how often i should submit them for effective traffic generation?
    That's a question that only addresses half of the article marketing equation. Submit as often as possible and as many as possible. However, if traffic generation is really your goal, think "quality" before "quantity." By quality, I don't just mean writing good articles instead of filler fluff. I mean taking the time to research a solid keyword list and then writing articles optimized with each of those keywords. Now, not only will you get the traffic from the articles when they first show up and have a coveted front page appearance for a day or two... You'll also get search engine traffic when those optimized articles start showing up at Google (Yahoo, MSN, etc.) high up in the rankings.

    Here's a quick blueprint if you're just starting out in article marketing:

    Step 1: Use a good tool to build a keyword list. I recommend the Google External Keyword Tool (free) or James Jones' Micro Niche Finder (about $100). You want to find keywords in your niche that get a decent number of searches per month. I target the ones that get 500 or more, but it's entirely up to you. But you also want to target keywords that don't have a lot of competition. If you can find just a handful of high search / low competition keywords in your niche, you're about to hit paydirt. Spend time finding these golden nuggets... it's very much worth it.

    Step 2: Write at least one article per keyword on your list. Use the keyword at or very near the beginning of the title of the article. Use the keyword in the first paragraph (preferably in the first sentence). Use the keyword 2-3 more times throughout the article.

    Use words that are related to the words in the keyword throughout the article. For example, if your keyword is "dog training," use words like "dogs," "puppy," "trainer," "train," and so on throughout the article. This is called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), which sounds fancy, but all you need to remember is to use related words. It helps the search engines pinpoint your article's theme better, which many believe helps your article rank higher.

    Use the keyword at the end of your article in the author box, where you're allowed to place a link. Make the keyword the link. This is called anchor text, and it's vitally important because it gives you the link power to move your website up in the search engine rankings. In my example, you'd want to make "dog training" (without the quotation marks) the anchor text and point the link to your site.

    Step 3: Get a few links pointing to your article (whether it's on your site or submitted to a site like EzineArticles). Those links will help the article move up in the search engine rankings.

    Follow this simple blueprint every time and keep writing and submitting. If traffic generation is what you're after, this will do the trick.

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    Thank you for all the good information, I've been planning on diving head first into article marketing for a long time now. There are a few reasons, mainly because all my income is currently going towards living expenses and paying for hosting. I'll be able to squeeze out a few domain name registrations to get going but article marketing is essentially free and only requires time and writing skills, both of which I can get by on.

    One thing I was wondering about it is what is the best strategy to monetize these articles. By that I mean should I link to a blog that does affiliate/clickbank soft selling, or make a squeeze page that leads to a freebie (or clickbank product page), or do I even link directly to the clickbank product via some kind of forwarding ?

    Just wanting to know what some of your recommended methods are. Thanks!
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      Thanks for all the info people!!

      i can write an article in about 45 minutes (500 words), and so seeing as i havent a big budget for advertising i'll use the time to write maybe 2 a day and see how i go from there???
      Free WSO To Come!!
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    I definitely agree with what is said above. Another tool that I use in addition to Nicro Niche Finder is Free Article Spinning and Unique Article Submitter - Jetsubmitter. It opens accounts at hundreds of article directories. After my article is approved at EA, I submit the article to JetSubmitter. I like the results I've seen so far.
    Commitment is the difference between people who "have potential" and people who have results.
    Demond Jackson
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    Hi New Life:

    If you could submit 1 quality article a day that is superlative but please make sure at no point it becomes regimented to the point you feel it is work. If it isn't something you look forward to the contents will not flow. I can tell you first hand as an author that there were times when writing reviews on rock and roll albums were enjoyable but there have been instances where I needed to take a break.

    Internet marketing, writing, speaking, etc should be a passion and not a forced daily habit. You'll see over a period of time if 1 a day is fine or 5 times a week is easier to achieve.

    Good luck as always!

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