Internet Marketing vs "Real Job" case study

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Well, maybe 2 cases dont make a study but I am a newbie and this is a true story of 2 of my friends
1. Worked at American. Ex credit card for 8 years (Friend#1)
2. the other tried to make a living on the internet(friend #2)

Friend number 1 had a nice house (mortgage) and a nice steady paycheck. Friend 2 was always low on income, he did odd jobs and anything to not keep a "Real job"

When we hung out friend 1 always talked about the Amex job and was very confident at all times. He always had the money. friend 2 was always giving updates about different internet businesses that never really made any cash but he was ALWAYS going at it.

I watched both these guys operate while I was in school and both are really nice guys. Now in 2008 Friend 1 was laid off from Amex and has not worked in 7 months, he keeps talking about the economy..recession..etc and how could Amex do this to him after almost 10 years. He is losing his home and will take a small apartment or a small room soon. He has almost no cash savings and thought the Amex paycheck would never end. THIS IS A TRUE STORY

Friend 2: This was about 3 years ago when things started going his way. 5 years on the net and nothing to show then as he worked handing out flyers on the street and was close to homeless, he would
always be online playing poker(for fun) with friends when not trying to make money. Then he set up a contest(just as a joke) and invited his friends to each put $25 and the winner gets $150 playing poker.
welll all these guys wanted to see who was the best so he was surprised when 10 people played $25x10=250 ($150 to the winner) $100 profit for my friend. Small but the key to everything starts small and $100 was like a million when you are broke.
HERE IS THE KEY TURNING POINT The winner goes online to the poker site where they all played for free and says " I cant believe it they really sent me the $150 dollars! The guy just wanted to beat his friends online he thought the money part was a scam contest but put the 25$ anyway

Week 2 because of the post from the winner in the forum 50 people now paid the $25 my friend pockets over a $1000 this all happened in less than 3 weeks! after 5 years of zero money online. He did these weekly contest for about 2 1/2 year(2005-2008) and
has over 150k cash stashed away from them and still works online. His poker business dried up in 2008 and stopped but he learned to save over 100k because he was use to being broke. When the real estate market crashed last year he bought a small home in the south(CASH!) no payments no.. credit checks when you have cash! and he has a secret nest egg. His gambling niche died but he is set and doing well

A.What I learned. The "real job" can be taken from you at anytime weather you are the manager,VP, supervisor or employee.
B. The steady job may give you a more steady income, more nights on the town, a few more movies, eating out a little more... but most people no matter what their real job salaries are still credited out to the max. So they live paycheck to paycheck due to bills even with the steady job.

c. Friend 2 never went anywhere without his laptop, he was online 10-12 hours everyday. He was often broke but when you are serious about making money online you will.
Both are great guys but one trusted in the job and the other believed he would hit on something online and he did.
* One key point friend 2 was ALWAYS online working to make it not talking. He would sometimes be online 12 hours a day but this is what all people do who work for themselves. Even small business owners who have stores work 12 hours 7 days
*He also risked homelessness because he always thought he would make it and did not stop.

I take no sides they are still both friends but when you are serious about something and do not quit you will make it.

As the filmmaker Spike Lee told the 15th distributor(Fox films) that turned down his first movie because he was a nobody "With or without you my 1st movie is going to be distributed even if I have to do it myself, someone is going to see my movies" they turned him down but a small distributor bought the film and he is a top millionaire filmmaker today.
Take this approach an you will win . I am a newbie so I just thought this might help someone today.
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      I enjoyed reading this thread. I think, in the very beginning, all successful internet marketers believed deep down that they were going to be successful. They may not always have known how, but were willing to take the risk. In fact, I bet most struggled for several years before discovering something that worked effectively for them.

      However, the thing was they did not give up and kept searching. This is the biggest distinction here. Some people are willing to take a sustained risk in themselves and others are not. Some people are simply unwilling to commit to themselves with so much uncertainty. It is ironic in a way because this uncertainty is what gives all IMers the chance to live very comfortably or become rich. All IMers must embrace this risk if they are to be successful. This is as true for us as it is for all entrepreneurs.

      If this thread heats up, I would love to hear everyone's success stories about how long it took them to hit pay dirt and what they had to deal with. Seeing other people succeed gives us all hope so I am glad you posted this thread.

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    I agree, great post. I know over the years, my biz has been up and down, but it's always made more than a regular job does and I can't be fired or laid off

    I started over 10 years ago and it took me about 6 months to go full time, paying more than my J.O.B. Course I was at a tipping point and had so had it with working for others. That was what motivated me to success pretty fast. Don't think enough people get to that point or use that frustration/motivation to, just do it. As mentioned in the OP, so many people talk, few of them "do".
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    great post. i needed that thanks! I'm about to leave my "steady" job for a stab my start-up educational services company. Testing has shown some promise, but I have many doubters and those who think I am "dumb" for leaving the steady job. "OH my gosh how can you leave they give you health insurance?!?!?" Jeez people there are other options.

    I am driven to make this thing succeed by offering real value. A little luck, a little help along the way, and I might just be able to make it

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    Thank's very much for this post. Really inspiration for me. I just leave my steady job at big company. Now i just focus to my online business. I have a wife ( she is pregnant now after 5 years we married). these time its really hard for me and my wife,coz our online business not yet have a suitable earning and our parents still not believe for an online business. I hope will be better someday, wish me luck wariors....

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    Not all people are cut out to be their own boss. Just the way things are.

    There is no better choice between the 2. It's different for every person. Some people can thrive with a boss and other people can do the same running their own business.

    The main thing is to get back up when knocked down and try again.

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      Great post and inspirational. If you persist and learn you will make it at whatever you attempt.

      Best to all

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    My take - if you are an entrepreneur you may succeed or fail. If you have a day job it's out of your hands. My story - worked for a start-up - lots of hype but well-paying position. Startup went belly up. Ever since than I had trust in myself and tried hard to make it in the online business. I now make the same $ but I do not go to the office.


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    Wow! very interesting indeed. I think even though you have all the opportunities and all the money in the pocket, when you don't know how to save, it is still useless. So, with all the success and the money we have at this moment, we need to at least save because we don't know when the drought will fall.
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