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Hello Everyone,

First of all, I would like to extend a big thank you for all the valuable contributors in this forum. The info in here is overwhelming. THANK YOU!

I am a PPC professional and I am very inclined towards internet marketing (to make money to be honest). I know it's not quick or easy to earn cash online. However, I am ready to put in some hard yards but would really be appreciative if you guys can guide me.

I am thinking of putting up a review site (like most of you did), but I have one question lingering in my mind. Do you guys buy the product & review it? or if you don't how do manage to do so? I am also doubtful of the fact that every reviewer will not be buying the products themselves. Please help.

Thank You.
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    You do not need to own or even have the physical product to do reviews. Just take the specs and features and reword them.

    Having the physical product for a video is a must though. You can even borrow or rent the product without even having to own it.
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    can you make money on review sites without buying the product? Sure. I've done it when I first started out and many other ppl continue to do it.

    But I wouldn't recommend it. To really kill it with review sites, you absolutely need to have purchased, used and thoroughly tested out the product.

    When you do this - and when you're only promoting products you're genuinely a huge fan of - you'll find the content creation is SO much easier, plus it converts a hell of a lot better because ppl can see the social proof throughout your reviews.

    If you're serious about building a true business, rather than trying to make a quick buck, I'd absolutely encourage you to own all products you're promoting and always try to go the extra mile throughout your reviews.

    Watch my latest affiliate marketing review video OMG Machines review on YouTube...

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      Hey Cash & Chow - Thanks for the suggestions. Just wanted to know if there are any sites which are good at the rentals you were mentioning and also what is the traffic that I can expect within the first 3 months of launch???
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    If you approach your review site as an aggregator / reporter of sorts, you can offer extremely valuable content/info to your visitors and you never have to touch the products you are reviewing, assuming you know something about the products / niche you are reviewing.

    Without ever touching the products, you can provide your commentary on their features and compare them with similar products. This is information that people are looking for when searching for reviews.
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