New theme, more money ?

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I have changed the theme of my site, idea is new theme, more money, am I right?

check this out please About Cars !

many thanks...
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    No, the idea is not new theme = more money...who told you that?

    The idea is - more value = more money.

    The process is - a sales funnel designed to extract the most money from prospects that you give this "more value" to.

    Or if you really want to test your initial idea for yourself, simply change your theme every 2 days and report back results!
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    New Theme = More Money, is right only if your old theme is really bad (in terms of design and on page SEO) and your new theme can improve the CTR of the site.

    Ever notice that people who spend money on WSO, memberships and courses, are always complaining about being broke and not making any money ?

    They should have bought ASSETS instead.

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    Not sure what you mean. If a theme is good, why change it, especially in a site like your which is really simplified?
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    Originally Posted by beyanet View Post

    I have changed the theme of my site, idea is new theme, more money, am I right?

    check this out please About Cars !

    many thanks...
    No, you're not. You just need a theme that you like and one that fits your niche. Sales are tied to your conversion rates, and your conversion rates are dependent upon the quality of traffic you send and how well you connect with your audience.

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    Only if you use it in your favor. The team must be created especially for Adsense if you want more money.

    Changing the theme does not necessarily mean that you will obtain more money.

    A new theme can also help you to keep the visitors more on your website, depending on its structure.
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    If you have good content and want more sharing and interaction then having a good theme can improve your results.

    If you have bad content then regardless of what theme you use you're going to get bad results.
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    New theme does not exactly mean more money. But it does help sales conversion rates to some degree but it's not that significant. Just keep on building new, quality, and unique content and spread it throughout the web to increase the SERP of your chosen keywords.

    Professional B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting through expert telemarketing. Need to know more? Click Here

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    As a summary what you wrote guys:

    Good content, useful information = may be more money !

    Many thanks...
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      You only need to change theme when you're site's not doing good on its stats.
      And yeah I agree with that too on quality content being a real factor for making a lot of money. In fact you may even have the opposite result in case you made the wrong theme for your site.
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    Great looking theme + Awesome Content = Great Results!

    Just focus on providing great and powerful content that grabs your audience and knocks their socks off and they will keep coming back for more.

    It does help to have a professional looking site too but I have been to sites that have a look from the dark ages but have had really great content on them.

    This keeps me going back because I don't look at the design no longer as the content over-shadows that not so good design anyway.

    Just start with the content and take it from there!

    Hope this helps you all the best with your future efforts!!!
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    Many thanks to all...

    Another quick question if I add content related to men's world not only cars, and changed the name About Cars to About Men, may it work?
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    Changing your theme doesn't mean you'll make more money. But if you change it to a good theme with good CTR then definitely you can expect to make more money. But then again it entirely depends on your niche
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