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Hi Guys,

I am testing this new idea and would like your opinions on how to improve it:

1. Overwhelming number of PLR suppliers
2. List of suppliers found in WF is often outdated
3. Lack of ranking or rating of the suppliers
4. Newbie not sure where to look for PLR items and often paid exuberant amount of money to sign up for membership only to abundant them in a few months.

A site that regularly update a list of all the major PLR suppliers in a list format

1. Listing of major PLR suppliers
2. Indicator of whether memberships is required
3. Sort by Pagerank currently (may change later)
4. Ranking updated monthly regularly
5. New sites added regulary
6. Paid to search service

1. Paid service to locate PLR they need
2. Affiliate link hop (Probably later)
3. Featured PLR Listings (Now free via banner exchange)
4. Selling the site



I have spent a couple of hours visiting and cleaning up an older list which I must thank and give credit to Michael Mayo.

Since it was an old list, I'd definitely have miss out sites there were created over the last few year. So if you know or own a PLR store that I missed, please kindly let me know and I will add them in.


I know Ranking is subjective and I have tried ranking by Age, Traffic (Alexa), PR, Pricing, etc. But after manually going through the list, I found out that the correlation between google PageRank and the quality of the PLR site is the highest after Alexa ranking. So I'll stick to PageRank for time being.

But if have other suggestion on how to rank PLR sites, do let me know and I will do a test.

What other changes do you think is good to make it more user friendly for users?

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