Stop Marketing & Think About Your Customers

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I've been reading some terrible advice in the threads relating to list building.

It's no wonder that open rates and click through rates from email marketing are going downwards when most of the advice is just to convert some PLR and hope that you can convince someone with less knowledge that you're now the expert.

Remember that people like easy money, so hype it up for best conversions, and make sure you make multiple offers to earn back the cost of your solo advert.

Take a minute to look at the way you're marketing from your customer's viewpoint.

They get all excited about the great secret that you're going to reveal, but within 5 minutes of downloading the report it doesn't actually contain anything new or different to all the other reports on this subject.

A day goes by, and an email arrives from someone who they don't really know trying to sell them the best course ever on how to make money online.

Then the next day another email, this time it's for another free report that looks kinda similar to the last one, but this is different it's a loophole to generate traffic from facebook for < $0.01 per click.

If you were being treated like this, how long would it take before you unsubscribe?

Learn to do marketing with your customer in mind and you will see much better results in the long term. Don't worry that it will take longer to create your own content and that conversion with a more truthful squeezepage will be lower, the end result will be better.
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    Or maybe just keep the hyped squeeze page and actually deliver what it promises.

    The problem comes about because many are scared to death to give away something that should be sold. They really do not have any other information to make any money from so they give a inferior report and hope to sell what they should have given away to begin with.

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    But that would require actually having a business to market... and everyone's telling the newbies "all you need is a list, a free report of regurgitated decade-old tripe, and an affiliate link to follow it up with". They're marketing for the sake of marketing instead of as an activity to support an actual business that provides something of value to its customers.

    Unfortunately the only way to stop it is to either regulate this junk, or have the e-mail marketing companies turn down their business, and neither seems likely right now.
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