Best read/video tutorial on launching WSOs?

by dwoods
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Hi guys,

I'm new 'round these parts and l'm interested in learning how to launch a WSO with the best chances for success. I was wondering what tutorials or videos you guys would suggest (l don't mind paying)! Please help me sort through the quality content and the fluff!
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    Originally Posted by dwoods View Post

    I was wondering what tutorials or videos you guys would suggest (l don't mind paying)!
    Mike Carraway (winebuddy) is the go-to guy for that. Made me $10k in a week. I believe his product was WSO Launch Code.

    Dr. Ben Adkins is also an expert on the subject, and his Syndicate community is well worth the monthly cost. I have a discount code for that if you want it; PM me.
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    CDarklock thanks for the suggestions buddy.
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    Creating a product is the first and most important part of the process. The actual launching part isn't that difficult and you can feel free to ask as many questions as you want here as most people are more than willing to offer you advice for free.

    But don't get ahead of yourself. Until you have the product as good as it can be you shouldn't even be worrying about the other stuff.

    I've seen great products with little launch preparation go on to sell tons of copies. I have seen mediocre products that have done all the launch process right, fail miserably. Get your product right and the rest will be much easier for you. It's hard to attract affiliates and customers without a kick ass product.

    One other thing to note is if you follow the instructions given to you by most of the how to guides out there then you end up doing what everyone else is doing and it's even harder for you to cut through the white noise. If you want your WSO to be a success then you need to be different and get people to notice you and your product.
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    Thank you WillR, good advice and feedback.

    I've got a very unique, polished product in hand. The first of several ideas l have. Now l'm just trying to make the right connections, learn the tricks of the trade and do the launch properly.
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