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Hello, does the age of a domain count as a factor in the google rank? I mean does a 5 years old domain rank better than a new domain?

I know there are lots of factors in a ranking but I want to know if the age is a factor and if so, I want to know how important is
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    Yes, it's a factor. It's not THE dispositive factor but it can be a great tool to give you a ranking edge. The sweet spot is an Aged EMD with decent CPC values, low competition and decent search volumes.
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    Apparently it makes a difference, however I have gone to the first page of Google with a brand new domain within a couple of months. I guess to take out those top spots in competitive keywords, having an old domain might be a good edge.
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    Correct, it's an important factor but just part of the landscaping you need to make it a real winner. Then you can flip it for REAL money

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    The age of a domain is one of the important SEO factors for Google ranking. Although it is true that you need to improve in order to increase its value, the domain age is one of the factors that Google considers in order to determine will rank your site in the search engine results. The longer the domain has been around, the better your ranking will be.
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    Yes, but it's not the biggest factor..
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    Depends on the reputation of the aged domain you are inheriting whether or not it will benefit you much. An aged domain with a crap rep and crap backlinks will hurt you more than it will help you.
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    There is no evidence that suggests newly developed aged domains fair better in rankings than new registrations.
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    In straight forward speaking, YES. However, I do not believe it’s worthwhile to spend thousands on buying an older domain name for SEO benefits. Domain age can only play a minor part in determining rankings. If you’re in it for the long haul, start with a new domain and focus on getting as many relevant links to your site as possible.
    One of the best ways to go about this is to register a domain name a few months before you’re planning to go live. In the mean time, setup a placeholder page informing users of your launch date and point several links to the website. With this technique you’ll get a head start in Google’s ranking algorithm before your full website is launched.

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    Good replies
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    I think it was more advantageous in past years than it is now to acquire aged domains. The search engine companies are privy to the various methods of trying to give websites a jumpstart. It becomes apparent that they quickly adjust things to offset such advantages. I find that going on the latest SEO trick bandwagons does more harm than good. Now, paid traffic (certainly not Adsense) has produced the best results in my experiments, while sweating over SEO has basically proven to be short-lived at best and really much ado about nothing much.

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    but I want to know if the age is a factor and if so, I want to know how important is.
    Yes, it is included in the count. But no one knows how much the portions.

    Don't worry be happy!

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    Yes, in my opinion and experience its the one of various factor google rank a site.
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    Quite a broad spectrum of responses here. The truth is nobody really knows the right answer. Can an older domain rank better for high competition keywords/phrases than a newly registered domain, perhaps it might have an advantage over other newer domains. But then again a newer domain might rank better in all other categories than an old domain and therefore have the advantage.
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    ok people, I was asking because some people that sell domains often tell about the age

    Some of you say is a factor, other say nobody knows the true, so my conclusion is when buying a domain the age must not be taken in count, just that the domain fit well is what matters
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    Domain age is one factor, so higher the domain age the better benefit you would get.

    In ranking, suppose you have an aged domain name and your competitor doesn't have aged domain name but they are doing quality works in link building and content development then they can rank higher than you.
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    yes it factors. But it doesn't mean that the new domain can not rank higher.
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      It is a factor to consider.
      So if you bought a 5 year old domain for a low fee, you can turn it into a real gold mine by giving it quality content and other modern day internet marketing techniques. So if ever get an offer of an old domain and for a low price, you can get it and simply make the most out of it.
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    yes age factor also one of the main concern in SEO because old domain with high page rank usually do priority in trust . Which benefit on Google Trust on your content , link buildings and so on .
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    As someone above said - the general consensus is yes but no one really knows the extent and weight given to age.

    My own belief is that age does matter, but that that is needs to be looked at in conjunction with some kind of domain authority. So a domain that has been unworked for 10 years will be no better than a 5 year old domain that has had some content and a few back links attached to it.

    So why do people consider aged domains more effective? Well it's likely that if a domain has been around 10 years and worked - i.e. a proper site built up simply being around longer has given it time to attract more natural (and older and more authoritative) back links. This is not the same as simply saying an aged domain helps SEO.
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    Just a few points based on my experience (I maintain over 2,000 domains):

    - Yes, age does matter. Google prefers to list sites that have an established history.

    - From the standpoint of a domain seller, I can tell you that regardless of "how much" it matters to Google, the age of a domain is often a strong factor in a person's decision to buy a domain.

    - When you register a domain with NO age, you cannot safely build lots of backlinks to it, regardless of the quality. It will be flagged as unnatural backlinking. If the domain is aged, even just a month or two, you will not be as readily flagged.
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