People keep telling me to focus on one thing, but...

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... I know that - it's basic common sense. The problem lies with knowing which way works (by looking at successes after implementing the method) and hence which you can have a certain level of confidence to carry on in. It's not about fear or taking action like so many "gurus" claim. And it doesn't mean that if you can do something, you can teach something properly. It's not analysis paralysis or anything like that. It's just a simple lack of confidence because there isn't a clear method with a good success rate.

I'm stll lost... Can anyone show me how to do Internet marketing?
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    What business models look appealing to you? What have you dabbled in so far and what looks like it could work well for you?
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    Have you tired making a website yet? What all have you done so far.. There's plenty of methods out there to make money, you just need to pick one. Don't be upset if you only see short returns, you need to scale it to make more. Sticking with one thing will get you on the right path to making real money in the long run.
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    Well showing you how to do Internet Marketing is too vague of a request. Your lack of confidence is directly related to your self-image, who you think you are, and what you are capable of. Before you do anything else, get yourself a copy of The New Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz with Dan Kennedy and start to go to work and re-engineering your psychology. If you aren't confident to begin with you will never take the authentic effort necessary to achieve any results and that will only confirm your lack of belief in yourself. I'm here to tell you, you can achieve anything! Your lack of confidence is the residual effect of your past experiences, but you can change that, dramatically.
    That's all I've got for now lol.

    Check this video out:

    Be true to yourself, you are infinitely talented!

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    Most methods for internet marketing work much better if you own your own website ... I believe that's the first step in making money on the internet.

    You need to research a good niche for yourself, one that you may have some interest in so you're capable of writing quality content for that niche. Start a website to market affiliate products and put some AdSense on there.

    You can drive traffic from all different forms of marketing -- social, email, video, SEO and even SEM if you're into investing some money. You just have to keep at it and build a successful business model; stick with it and eventually you will find success. It seems the problem is that far too many people give up and never get to reap the rewards from a successful online business.
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    To me the key is knowing several methods of getting traffic to a site (organic traffic, social marketing, etc) and converting the visits into sales. Then you can dominate any niche, though I have yet to prove this as I'm still learning (disclaimer as a lot of newbies post these things as facts with no experience!). :-)

    I started off thinking about too many business possibilities without knowing the basics of SEO, getting traffic, ranking a site. Once you learn about these you realise the multitude of options (adsense, affiliates, own products). I agree that building your own site is a good start. I definitely gathered a lot of knowledge this way, which surprised me as I code for a living. Just shows you the difference between doing this and building sites for a living.

    You can definitely focus on a couple of projects to try things out, but just keep in mind that you need to do each of them very well. Try to understand the chosen path extremely well, otherwise you will fail. I think this is why 'focus on one thing' is the big piece of advice, as many newbies just looking into EVERYTHING, start off with loads of different things and do each of those to a bad standard.
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    Yes, there is a clear method and its called "list building". I recommend you start off with a ready-to-upload squeeze page that comes with a decent plr product you can give away (a great product rather if you can find it), and learn how to drive targeted traffic to that squeeze page. Collect those emails and just give your subscribers quality stuff for awhile before you start sending them affiliate offers. This is what Frank Kern and others recommend also and they recommend it because it works.
    Then see, you are focusing on driving traffic and building relationships with subscribers.
    Just doing this will teach you a lot. Much better than simply setting up a blog and doing a lot of blog posting.
    You should do testing, tracking and learn how to write ad copy during this time, among other things related to your list building efforts.
    Focus on doing this and in a year you'll be in good shape imo.
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    You need fast income in short time to make your daily money on your wallet, but you must also build your long term empire business. Just find good steady methods in the process.
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    You say action isn't a problem... well then it sound like you might need a plan and/or a coach.

    How about a simple task list for starters? Take one full day to make a brain dump and create the minimum steps you need to get to your goal. You can also show it to a coach who can help you develop a plan and stay on track.

    Knock them out one by one. Track what's working and ramp it up. Drop the crap that's not.

    Think ya just need a little "hands on" guidance.
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    Originally Posted by wishfulsuccess View Post

    I'm stll lost... Can anyone show me how to do Internet marketing?
    Well, who are you? What drives you? What lights a fire under you?

    Do you like writing? Do you like speaking or making videos?

    If you are randomly trying to just 'do internet marketing', nothing will generate long term success for you. There are far too many shiny objects to keep chasing after.

    You should really step back and do some self analysis on who you are and what you want to do. Then you can start to build a strategy and goals to make whatever that is a reality.
    Do you really want to build a real business?
    Then you need this: 21 Days To Business Success
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    I just sent you a pm..

    Winston Tian

    The Beginner's Doctor

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    find a business model which sounds like you would enjoy doing it

    i recently made a blog post about 13 ways to make money online

    these are all the ways which i have used to make money in the last 4 and a half years

    choose one of these methods and hammer it until you see results then go from there

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    they keep telling me that lol

    Read the rules -- no affiliate links allowed in posts or sigs.

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