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I'm going to have a go at Facebook ads. I want to start local meditation classes. I would greatly appreciate any hints, tips or advice that you have. This is a non-profit project so although i must keep the cost as low a possible, I am not concerned with monetization. Any other advice would be welcome. ( Even non Facebook, non profit marketing info on the net)
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    Can nobody offer any advice ?

    Make the world a better place! Spread some Love, Peace and Happiness! Join The Happy People!

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    Have you started networking through blogs and forums related to meditation? You should be able to get a decent amount of traffic just by reaching out to your own "inner circle" You will be paying a decent amount per click if you choose to go with FB so before you start an ad campaign you should determine what your budget is and what your main objective is (Number of opt-ins, number or registrations etc.) or it can get out of hand as with any other PPC Advertising. You should definitely also utilize Pinterest, Youtube, and Twitter. By utilize them I mean add something of value to popular meditation groups and have links to your site, or whatever it is you are using to organize your efforts (What is that btw?)
    Let me know if you need any more help.

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