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Firstly Im a noob! Ive been dabbling for like 6 months but not really putting much (if any) effort in. My job (which i hate anyway) is now under threat and Ill probably be jobless next month, fortunately I have about 6 months of cash behind me so ill be ok for a while. Anyway I decided enough is enough and im gonna put 4 hours a day into this, double that if I lose my job.

Anyway I copied Gaz Coopers Amazon formula and this is what I got:

DCD780C2 - Review of Dewalt DCD780C2 - FREE Shipping

Any comments good or bad appreiciated (I realise people dont usually show their sites on here but i'm not bothered as its just a practice amazon affiliate site and if someone rips it off so be it).

Next in the link building process which I am totally lost with....any tips for that?
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    The site looks nice and clean and you have some good content on there.

    One thing I would suggest is to open the link to amazon in a separate tab so that your visitor can finish reading your review if they click on it.

    If you actually own this drill, why don't you make a video demonstrating it's features and benefits?

    This will improve conversions as well as lower your bounce rate, which will help with search engine rankings.
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      It is a clean site, I have a personal issue with floating share buttons, but that is my issue, I know that a lot of people like them.

      You've got enough information for someone to read, but not so much that they get lost in your site. I don't know what kind of search volume there is for this, but it looks like you could sell some of these.

      I ma not sure that having the other ad on the side is going to help your conversions for drill buying, but its hard to say which you are going to make more money with at this point. So its good to test leaving both monetization methods there for now and see which works better in the long run.

      Altogether, nicely done. :-)

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    Maybe a better header, review of product is good.. I would put a buy link on homepage..
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    I actually quite like it. Content is well written. I'm not sure whether you can get more people to add their comments etc.

    Only thing I'd warn you on. If your site gets successful and starts ranking for the drill as you hope it does, suspect you'll come to the attention of Dewalt. Your domain name is, i'm sure, deliberately using their model number. Whether or not there is any legal issues, if Dewalt were to put pressure on Amazon, you may lose your revenues.

    Sorry to be negative because I actually love the site and what you're doing - believe me most of the "can I review your site" leaves me in despair. Just a word of caution to be careful. But best of luck!
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    Organized, clean and fast to load and like Mark said, the only thing you need to do is make all links open in new tab/window so visitors won't leave your site while at the same time you are redirecting them to the Amazon Page.

    Then for the link building, you need to create contents such as video, presentations, press releases and distribute them.
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    It's a nice site, but personally I would take the Adsense off the side.
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    Is it dedicated to one specific product? Or you're going to expend it and write more product reviews? The site looks pretty good although way too simple. Usually when people create a site dedicated to one product they write a review longer and more detailed review than yours.

    You also might wanna add a couple of videos about your product too

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    Black Red and yellow make it look decent. The only thing that puts me off is that Google Ad
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    There is a section of the forum specifically devoted to this purpose.

    Website Design

    The site serves its purpose, is lightweight and very functional for being an Amazon/AdSense module. I would use a different ad layout rather than the sidebar ad, that's just my personal preference though.

    Skype: Coreygeer319

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    Now select some less competitive keywords and start building links. You can also take help of automated tools like SEnuke X, Scrapebox, Xrumer, Article Marketing Robot etc.
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    Add at least other 7-8 pages with good contents, get it somewhere, because it may happen that Google Adsense could warn you, because your site is an autoblog. You must give content other than promoting products. BElieve me, it is very important.
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    It's neat and clean. The review is a bit sterile, not very engaging. For example, your first line: Who would buy this? Ugh. Instead say something like, The many uses and applications of the DeWalt whatever it is. You say you use it. That's great. Describe how you've used it in a bit of detail. Tell people how easy it is to use. Draw the reader in. Personalize it.

    Overall it comes across more like a catalog listing than a review. There are literally thousands of review sites just like this. If you want to make sales you need to be different. You do that by engaging the reader in a friendly, personal way. Good luck.

    You also need to decide what you want from this site. Are you in the adsense business or the affiliate marketing business? Shame to drive traffic to a site only to have them click away for change when you could have had some real money. Something to think about.
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    Remember .. no one wants the drill .. they just want the hole it produces.

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    Very clean site. I would add some more personable story content, like this drill is perfect for _________________________ types of jobs. Something that makes your content a little less cold. But great job and hope you find great success!

    Moon Marketing Enterprises

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      Looks great to me! I have one of these "Gaz Cooper" sites. It does quite well

      Good luck!
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    It's a decent site and nicely laid out. One thing I would change if it were my own site is the header. It seems a little basic and it's most likely the first thing a new visitor sees so I would concentrate on getting that right.
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    Agree with Mark72, suggest you to open the Amazon site in a separate window
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    The site looks good. Offer amazon buttons instead of text links. You might want to test that.
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      Use Recommended Product Links and Omakase?
      See widgets.
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    I really liked your site. It looks clean and is easy to see what it is that you are trying to sell. I personally, did not care for the ad on the side and am not sure how this may negatively affect the sales of the actual product you are promoting. Good job, though!
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    The site looks really good to me. Did you purposely make this site for specific targets only? That is because your domain itself is very specific. Won't get a lot of generic searches but at least it's really really targeted (which is a good thing).
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    Site looks very simple and clean, I would tone it down on the affiliate links and add some links hitting inner pages and authority sites. Also people like to read bullet info alot more then paragraphs, I would add a few bullets about main features and benefits right before a call to action. I would also recommend the "add to cart" 90 day cookie plug-in. A must for any amazon affiliate site
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    The site looks pretty good on first glance. However, I agree that you need to tone down the affiliate links a little bit, the selling is kind of blatant. Also, you may want to correct some of the grammar and the misspelled words (including apostrophes used in places where they shouldn't be, and not used where they should be).
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      Pretty simple really, but that's all you need for this kind of thing.

      Being from a graphic design background i'd like to see the header a bit more spaced out. More space on the left, right, above and below. The words are too close to the menu and the drill photos are too close to the edge. Also the drill photo on the right hand side of the header is quite pixelated, i'd suggest a better quality image. Crisp images = professional look.

      Perhaps add something in the right hand column beneath the advert to 'balance' the site a bit better.

      Overall, very solid for what you need. These minor tweaks will make the world of difference.
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    This work is really good. this is a single product site. you covered all details about this product here. Images are really good having enough about product. user can understand about product with images only. just do local seo for this site or hire a seo guy.
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