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Can anyone recommend some good scripts for running Facebook contests? The kind where people share x amount of times to earn entries in to a raffle, etc...

Are these scripts even legal with FB's TOS these days?

I haven't done a whole lot of research in to it. Just a search on the forum and didn't really see much...

Also, anyone have any other good ideas for building Facebook likes? Not Fiverr bought likes that aren't responsive but real life people that actually pay attention...

Thanks in advance guys!

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    Not sure about the FB scripts but with FB likes, update posts everyday, keep things interesting and active. The more people interact or respond to posts on your page the higher the chance of other people seeing it as well. Keep your page active and crank up those engagement rates to boost your visibility.

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    Are content lockers allowed on FB pages? It's seems that would be a good way to get likes. I'm not up on their TOS.

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    You CAN have a contest that requires a person to like you to enter. You CAN NOT have a contest that uses the pressing of the like button as the entry trigger. For example our Quick Contest app requires the user to click an "Enter Now" button once they like you, this makes the clicking of the button the trigger and not the actual liking of the page .. so it is legal to use.

    That being said .. I normally try to not bluntly self promote, but the OP asked specifically. So I recommend my own company. First Social Apps. We offer contests / deals / sweepstakes and more.. all apps 1 price, no monthly fee.

    First Social: Viral Facebook fanpage apps
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      Thanks for the help and suggestions everyone!

      I remember a few months back, Frank Kern did some sort of "Win my van" thing were people earned raffle tickets essentially for referring people back to his Facebook page. The more people you referred, the more times you were entered in to the drawing. At the end of the month, he did a drawing and gave away a van.

      That contest was pre-Facebook timeline changes... I'm just curious if that tactic still works, is still legal, etc...

      Thanks again for the help!

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    Yes you can still do that kind of contest. I would think that this kind of contest would do really well. Hmm .. you might have just given me some work to do
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        Originally Posted by bopyd View Post

        Just to add to this, Here is a post about what Facebook current allows and doesn't allow in terms of sweepstakes and contests. It's always good to review the current policies before brainstorming new ideas. Terms and conditions change regularly so keep yourself up to date.
        bopyd - you are so right about the rules changing all the time and how important it is to keep up to date. Or suffer the consequences. The change to no longer allow "like-gating" made a huge difference in the sweepstakes I managed at the time. And bonus entries can really help getting people to share the sweepstakes. We found people not sharing just because they didn't want more people entering and lowering the chance of winning. But as you say - read the rules.
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