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How was your experience as a newbie, buying a website on flippa that was listed as making money.?
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    Originally Posted by TJammer View Post

    How was your experience as a newbie, buying a website on flippa that was listed as making money.?

    I have never bought any website from Flippa but I did sell a website on Flippa.

    Why not you make yourself a website?

    If you need some guidance, I would be able to provide with free of charge.

    I want to prove that newbies can set up and earn money from a website very quickly using my methods!

    Refer to my signature!
    CPA is all about testing, tracking, determining.
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    I've been watching some listings on Flippa that appear to be very questionable and just thought I would pass this along...

    I've put 4 listings on my watch list, as I noticed something suspicious..
    These listings have been extended every hour for about 2 days now..
    They all seem to autimatically extend when the listing has 5 minutes left, before the end of the auction..

    These 4 listings , all have different user acounts, but they are all from the same country ...Indonisia...

    They also all automatically extend within approx. 1 to 2 minutes of each other..

    Checking into all these different user profiles I've noticed something in common with all of them:
    -All their websites that have sold , do not have one single comment ...
    -All have Low Bid counts, with pending bids..
    - All there sites appear to be worthless, and cut from the same cloth..

    Seems like a circle of shil bidders,( or maybe all the same person), attempting to keep there listing at the top of the "Ending Soon" page, in an effort to sell their "Great Potential" websites .

    Hope this can help someone, from being scammed into buying these very questionable sites..!
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    That's great tips.

    I have bought and sold a few sites on flippa before.
    It is still a great place to sell your authority site.

    However, they seems to be changing their terms, rates, extended timing etc so often that it can get a bit annoying.

    Ever notice that people who spend money on WSO, memberships and courses, are always complaining about being broke and not making any money ?

    They should have bought ASSETS instead.

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      Yes...Probably is a great place to sell sites....But for a newbie Buyer, one really has to be cautious...

      Most people who have been around Flippa for a while, likely have a good idea, who the reputable sellers and buyers are...
      Some of them ...I'm sure...Learned their lesson from "The Fort of Hard Knox"..

      But as a Newbie...Watch out.!!
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    Be very, very, very suspicious of traffic and earnings stats for sites on Flippa. It's extremely easy to fake these. If you get a bad feeling about the listing, it's probably correct.
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    I did a guest post on due diligence on Flippa


    Read it ... don't buy without due diligence. There are plenty of scammers on Flippa, as anywhere else.
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    It seems the more listings I watch, the easier it becomes to sort out the good from the bad ones...
    Too bad it has to be that way....but it sure beats getting burnt...

    I'm still in the learning stages, but I am getting good at Protecting my Wallet..!!
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    The first site I ever bought on Flippa cost me $800. I turned that into $15,000. Maybe I got lucky, but I don't think so.

    The key to buying a website on Flippa is being smart. Look at all the information on the seller, the stats of the site, etc. I haven't been scammed on Flippa yet and have purchased many different sites.
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    Like any market it's gonig to take a lot of research before the fact. You wouldn't buy a car without first doing research on the car, the dealer and everything else. The same goes for a website.

    Full Service Web Development and Small Business Marketing - Total Web Connections

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    Flippa makes money even if you don't...

    Flippa makes money even if you do not sell a website...

    Flippa makes money even if you do not get paid for a website that you sell...

    The end result is that like gambling, Flippa is the house and your the gambler...

    As with any marketplace you should look closely at what your looking at buying, find out if the domain has been listed on a blacklist site, look hard at the seller, then look again.

    There are some gems among the mushrooms, but there are so many mushrooms that it can be difficult to see your way around, it really is all about seeing the bigger picture.
    Software Development | Applications | OSX | iOS | Android | Cloud Software Engineering |
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