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Hi All,
A good few months ago I purchased a DFY Website off this forum.The Niche I went with in this case was IM.The reason I decided on this Niche was because I wanted to email market and can use safe swaps add to my list and hopefully profit.Anyways the mistake I made was choosing Keywords for exact name domain is a great thing as I am number 2 on Google for Search but am getting 2 visits a day due to the keyword being poorly searched per month.My question is ,should I try and rank the Website for more searched keywords ie internet marketing tips?or will I have to change my on page seo and start again?
Regards Darren
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    If you're going to make adjustments in regards to the keywords you're targeting, of course you'll want to change your on-page SEO to target these keywords more effectively. You wont have to "start again." Merely adjust the content to target more than your EMD "affiliat marketing help." Then start building backlinks. Make sure you diversify your anchors!

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    Originally Posted by Darren Kilgariff View Post

    My question is ,should I try and rank the Website for more searched keywords ie internet marketing tips?
    I don't see why not?

    If you really want to continue in this niche and to continue to try to get your traffic from search engines (please excuse me for mentioning that I'd absolutely hate to try to do either, myself ).

    If a suggestion's welcome, it may help you enormously to re-arrange the layout of your home page so that the opt-in (which needs to be clearer, differently described and prominently incentivised), is the first thing people see on the page rather than having to wonder where it is, scroll down and look for it!)

    Originally Posted by Darren Kilgariff View Post

    or will I have to change my on page seo
    Yes - if you want to rank for different keywords, you'll need at least to add to your on-page SEO. You've chosen one of the world's most competitive and difficult-to-rank-for niches, so you need to get everything right, I think.

    Originally Posted by Darren Kilgariff View Post

    and start again?
    I don't think you need to "start again"? I admit I'm a little biased because I wouldn't dream of trying, myself, to do what you're trying to do, but you can change some things, surely, rather than starting from scratch? :confused:
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    Google has more PHD's than Nasa. (seriously). The problem? It's increasingly difficult to "trick" Google. Sure, you can accomplish it, but the odds aren't really in your favor unless you offer amazing quantities of excellent content.

    The problem with relying upon search engine traffic, is that they constantly alter their search algorithms. Things always change, and the rules always change.

    So, you can be on top one day, then bottom the next.

    Don't believe me? There have been over 20 major Google algorithm changes this month alone.

    Panda is a thing of the past; in time you'll see an everchanging array of algorithmic changes from the mad scientists at Google.

    Am I saying this is a bad thing? Absolutely not; their sole intention is to provide the most relevant content. But, anyone who tries to systematically game Google is fighting a losing battle.

    PS: I'm not trying to suggest anyone is "gaming" Google, I'm merely making notation that relying upon tactics for SEO is uncertain at best, and totally unreliable at worst.

    Translation: In my opinion, nobody can tell what your domain is going to do in Google.

    Please don't get me wrong. I LOVE SEO TRAFFIC. (I sold a $2,000 product today because of Google SEO). But for me, SEO traffic is more like "frosting on the cake" and not my "bread and butter"

    Just my two cents
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    If you are in IM niche. Why don't you use other methods to build your list. There are social marketing, article marketing, safelists, traffic exchange, press release, video marketing, etc.

    You don't need SEO.
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  • Try ranking for all the relevant keywords you can.

    PM Me Now!

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    You can build as many pages as you want for that domain which are based on better researched keywords. Subpages can rank well if you employ a steady campaign of proper SEO strategies.
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    Guve google what they want - content. Find some relative keywords and write some high quality articles on them. This way you can make your blog an authority to google and they would give you higher PR on new articles just because they like your website.

    After all, it's not really about seo. It is the value and content that you create what really decides your rankings and it's what the algorithm updates are trying to achieve.
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