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Hi folks

Been on the aweber site but cannot get clarity on this. I use constantcontact and I have circa 10k subscribers. Not a huge fan never use the templates, I actually prefer the plain style of email sent by aweber, I get plenty of aweber initiated emails from people on this forum !

Qustion is do I need to have all 10k records manually opt in again or can i just transfer them over without this double opt in? To do it over - having already built list using constant contact is just too much effort and could lose subs due to attrition or from those who do not get round top opting in. If there is a simple way to do this I would jump over though.

Advice, help, experience welcome.
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    The last time I tried they had to reconfirm but that was about 8 months ago so maybe it's been changed since then.
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    The subscribers on your list would have to opt in all over again. Aweber is pro opt in, this is their way of making sure your list is legit.

    It sucks but it is what it is.
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    When we moved over from iContact to AWeber we had a long chat with Aweber folks about importing lists to them.
    In the end their response was No, you cannot import any leads.

    So you will have your subs to optin again
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    Yup, just imported a list earlier this week. Two things to be wary of:

    1. They don't approve quickly and you can't tell them what time to send this opt-in email to your list. Mine went out at 3pm EST - blah.

    2. Be very descriptive in the confirmation email and tell your members you will be doing this before you make the switch. Many people emailed me thinking it was spam.

    Overall, I lost about 1/3rd my list when coming over. Surely some of them weren't opening anyway, but I know I lost a good chunk due to the port over. Aweber is infinitely better, so it will be worth it in the long run.
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    Thanks guys - think the above comments mean this is a show stopper. Don't really use it the way a lot of IM'ers do - I only send one per month highlighting new services, partner deals etc - cannot help but feel that there is probably a simple email program' that would allow this and also allow all mails to be named personally.

    Wonder if I could bin all servicesand manage it from my laptop ?

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      If you have ip/date stamp from all your subscribers and you have some decent stats from your CC account aweber may let you import the list. You need to speak to a rep. The typical way this actuall happens is that let you bring over 1k or so and run a few emails. If the bounces and spam complaint numbers are good they will let people import entire lists. But your list better be good as they will watch your account closely for a while.
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    I'm just starting out with email marketing, and beginning to use Aweber so I haven't had that problem but, Good luck sir!
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    If you add them manually, all would have to re-confirm (which is a hassle). Call Aweber and explain your situation, and let them know what you would like to do.

    P.S. Why are you unhappy with constant contact? They dont offer any kind of text-based emailing?

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