Is this website wordpress or blogspot?

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Please tell me if this website is wordpress or blogspot/blogger?

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I've started a blogspot blog and it is looking ok but I can't get some of the features in this blog such as
-the banner up top with photographs
-sections down the side like main and categories?

If this blog is wordpress, can I get these categories in blogspot?

Thanks for taking the time out with this noob blog question
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    It's a template for wordpress 2.0.

    I just looked at the source code to find out.


    Ask...Because you never stop learning.

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      Thanks for the reply Steve, that helps a lot.

      Do you know a good blog forum I can ask questions at? I've tried this forum About Blogging for Bloggers : Blogger Forum but did not find it very useful.

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        This is the theme and where you can download it:

        My name is Ken Katz and I am a Web Designer and Photographer. My motto: "If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse." -Jim Rohn

        Celebrity Portrait Photgapher - My Photography Portfolio.

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        Hiya Birdfood

        If you want to have an image in your header with a blogger blog follow these steps:

        Login into your blogger account.
        click on customise (top right).
        you should now be on a page that says "Add and arrange page elements".
        You can now choose to edit your header.
        When you click on edit your header a little popup box should come up, in this box you can choose to upload a picture and also shrink it to size.

        Also if you want to add categories on in your sidebar firstly you have to be making sure that when you write a post you are adding a label to it.

        Again click on customise (top right)
        This time when you come to the screen that says "Add and arrange page elements", click on "Add a gadget".
        You will then see a pop up box with a list of all different things you can add to your sidebar. If you want to add categories choose "labels".

        Alternatively you can add polls, lists, links, videos etc...

        Hope this helps
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