Which plugin do you use for regular wordpress backups?

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Regular wordpress backups are so important and that need not be even discussed here. Its like wearing a seat belt.

But which solution to use?

What do you use?
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    I always backup my site from cpanel! I always got problems with plugins!
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    +1 for Cpanel backup. I have a hard disk where I stock my backups, sorted by date. Using Cpanel backup you get both the files and the database... not to mention it's free and you don't have to pay for an additional plugin.
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    I use managewp and a paid backup service from my hosting company but this is only for 1 month backup files. Backupbuddy worked really well also. Making a manual backup via ftp is a good practice also to be sure you have more then 1 location and files the fall back on. What do you use?
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        I'm also looking for a good backup plugin, thanks for the suggestions
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        Originally Posted by milliondream View Post

        Here was my checklist for the very best WordPress backup plugin. It would...
        • Backup the entire blog, meaning the database AND the site itself (not just one or other)
        • Run automatic scheduled backups as well as immediate ones (VITAL),
        • Be stable and keep updated with the latest WP versions.
        • Have support from the author and/or a good forum (very important when you come to restoring your precious site and run into the inevitable techie-type problems.)
        • Require as little technical expertise and tweaking as possible. No setting up cron jobs, changing to 777, or FTPing, please.
        • Backup somewhere other than on the site, so that if the site goes down your backup isn't taken with it.
        • Not cost anything.
        Past Tense... So what do you use then?
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          Originally Posted by kaizense View Post

          Past Tense... So what do you use then?
          This my list
          WordPress DB Manager the classic and extremely popular backup, but shockingly it also only backups the database (so many people must be having the same issue I did!)
          the general backup tool Backupify only does the database too.
          BackUpWordPress can only backup up onto your own site (it can email you the backup but usually only up to a size of 10MB), so if your site has issues your backup isn't safe.
          Bei Fen (Bei Fen is meant to be Chinese for 'backup') hasn't been updated since 2009.
          Simple WordPress Backup does database only and was last updated in 2010
          Automatic WordPress Backup needs S3 and was also last updated in 2010.
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    Hi Will, I didn't know about that one. Thanks. I will check it out and read what it can do.
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    So far, plugin wise I think backupbuddy will work fine. I also stumbled upon another site - infinitewp.com where they have premium addons which can do scheduled backups.
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    I use WP Twin with their automated backup script and it works brilliantly. I always have backups and they update automatically on my selected schedule.

    Jason Fladlien rocks and WP Twin is 1 such example.


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