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I am web developer and familiar with website templates. I started some affiliate websites to sell the templates and related services.

Would very much appreciate if someone can advice how to market these sites effectively since I am new to IM.

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    One of the best ways is doing forum posts. Find some forums and register etc, then start answering
    help request + include a signature.

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    write articles related to your service and submit to different sites with a proper link which lead visitor to your site.

    You can post links in status update on facebook .
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      Use forums! Put a link in your signature.
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    Try advertising on Clickbank and Warrior Forum. Are you an affiliate yourself? Or do you have an affiliate program in place for others to market your products?
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    Give something awesome away for free - make people feel like they are ethically "stealing" something of high value.

    Then, follow up with them (not spamming!) but showing them how to be successful with the sites that you're promoting.
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    I would recommend getting included in one or more of the major affiliate portals like share a sale. There are thousands of potential affiliates waiting for new products and offers to be added.

    What type of templates do you specialize in? We are actually looking for some good BigCommerce template designers right now!
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    Start promoting like you would any business!

    1) Paid ads (you can get TONS OF FREE AD COUPONS if you look around)
    2) Backlinks (submit articles, comments, etc)
    3) Social Media (twitter, facebook, even p-interest)
    4) Video Marketing (show people how easy it is to use your templates)
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    Thanks for swift advices.

    I am an affiliate selling templates and offer relevant services.

    My major website is: http ://designwebsite. ws

    I also do keyword sites:

    http ://designwebsiteforfree. com
    http ://designwebsitetemplates. com
    http ://coolwebsiteshop. com

    Yes there are free templates section too.

    I found SEO is too difficult since competition looks so high
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    There are so many things you can do. Traffic sounds like your problem right now. Go after TARGETED traffic - not just hits. Hits will make you broke. Do some searches on this forum for ways to get traffic to your site.
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    Start a web hosting business and include free word press or website template installation as one of your services. Then advice in forums.
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