Warriors Need your help PLEASE!

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Hey Warriors,

I need some ideas for my dad who is in his early 70's.

He has a computer and knows email etc.. But no idea how to put up a webpage or anything like that. (slow typer etc...)

I am willing to train him on somethings but I would love to hear some feedback from follow warriors on any suggestions you may have for him. (I don't want it to be too techy as it will just be a frustration thing)

I want something that he can build and would be possibly long term (I can maintain and help push some traffic from time to time but want to teach him how to fish more than just promoting his clickbank link thru my traffic as I have done in the past.)

He would be looking for $500-$1000 a month earnings. Willing to work 20-30 hours or so a week.

Please let the ideas fly.

All comments would be helpful.

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    Steve, I'm guessing he's willing to learn some basics, right?

    If so, why not just have him build a list (you could create the squeeze page for him) and all he has to do is drive traffic to the squeeze page.

    And then each day send an email to the list -

    You could - and I like this as I think about it - do a "daily email to watch my 70 year old computer illiterate dad build a business online"

    Each day teach him something new, and send that thing out to the list.

    And of course each email has an aff link at the bottom :-)

    And automate the whole thing (of course) and if the experiment works out you could package and sell it down the road as a training for older folks who are just learning the internet -
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    I would setup a Wordpress blog about a topic that interests him and load him up with Dragon Naturally Speaking. That could allow him to get the articles done without typing, then he could just edit them. The articles won't read as well as if they were hand written, but it's a good alternative.

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    thanks good stuff so far anyone else want to help out an old man :>
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    • Setting up blog would be much easier.
      I bet your dad has some hobby.
      Tell him to write interesting post/articles about your hobby then find some related affiliate products and blend some affiliate links in articles.
      Start building backlinks to blog , add to social sites.

      I think after 3-4 months of consistent 3-4 hours a day work and adding 3-4 articles a week your dad should be making some money .
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    What would he love to teach? Who would he love to teach that to?

    The technology is easy. It needs to be something he will honestly enjoy doing, and enjoy continue doing.
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    1) blogging
    2) list building
    3) traffic driving

    You could help him with the technical stuff, and let him focus on creating good content for any niche he wants
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    Most of the ideas here are great, so to summarize a little:

    1. Blogging about his interest or hobbies
    2. Build a list
    3. Monetize through affiliate and adsense on site

    1. Setup blog to post via email (if he prefer to email)
    2. Use dragon naturally to convert his speech to content (if he find typing too tedious)
    3. 3-4 articles per week (would get him good organic traffic)
    4. You build the initial traffic for your dad (all of us love to help elderly)
    5. Personal email per week to his list (Most people would listen to elderly advice)

    With his level of life experience and if he is committed to this, he should be able to build an authority blog which would comfortably make him 500-1000 monthly.

    Good luck!

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    They should have bought ASSETS instead.

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    My father is older than that and he bought a computer and wanted me to teach him "everything". He actually wrote an ebook on subject matter that he is expert in. He didn't really know he was writing an ebook, but had an idea he might like to sell it.

    I set it up in DLGuard to automatically deliver after payment from a blog that I built for him. He still can't believe that he doesn't need to do anything else to deliver it.

    He's such a PITA on the computer, and forgets everything I teach him from one day to the other, that I've pretty much trained him to leave the computer alone.
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    Teach him how to do cost-effective advertising. Test his campaign out with Google Adwords, and if it's producing... scale up and start advertising in the relevant circles in your niche... along with doing free marketing. Then show him how to turn off the computer.
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    Teach him how to sell something. Once he knows how to do that then its all go from that point
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    thanks for the additional ideas.
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    I started at 53, very frustrating but I didin't give up. Totally non techie (still am) but I built a list and made 1k my first month. Look over safe-swaps.com It's where I started.
    YouTube is great to learn stuff too!

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    Does he like to talk? Most older men tend to like to relate stories to anyone who'll listen. YouTube might be cool for him to get into, talking about his experience on camera with his favorite subject might help him become an "expert" a whole lot easier than articles. People trust someone they can "see" more than just reading a webpage. Just a thought...

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    Why not find him a coach that will send him a weekly amount of work to do for a specific task?

    There are so many great coaches out there teaching everything from Affiliate marketing to full blown membership sites and product creation that i am sure you could find him something and someone to keep him busy and moving in the right direction.

    Also have him create a blog, make movies using Camtasia or something similar (very easy to use) about everything he does then sell it as a product when he is finished

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