Ideas on cheap giveaway products?

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The plan is to create a website where people can opt-in and recieve something for free. It can be an e-book or physical, for example free chewing gum or chocolate.

The target audience is people up to 25-26 years, and the maximum cost per opt-in is about $2.

What would you consider to be a product that every young person wouldn't mind to put their personal details such as adress and name, to recieve for free? With what product or service would you attract thousands of people to opt-in?
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    Durex. Flavoured maybe
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    Free coupons for sites they shop at. Most young people don't search google for shit before they buy something. That's free to provide too

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  • That doesn't seem like a narrow enough target market. What are you going to be selling? What is it that these people are interested in? Is your product candy?

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    Beyondtherack . com sells discounted electronics you can buy
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    Physical? You mean you are willing to ship a chocolate bar to everyone who will opt-in? I'd say purchase something cheap like an eBook or a product with re-sell rights and give it away. I mean, it works fine with everybody else, right?
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    Let's say that there is a contract, which dictates that for each member on the website, I'll recieve X ammount of $. The only rule is that the member is a teenager, or up to 25 years old.

    What would you give the customer with a budget of $2 per registration?
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    I think you should choose a different niche.
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    I will sign up but I like king size Almond Joy.

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    For attracting thousands of people, I'm guessing it'll have to be something that costs more than $2.

    What about having them enter into a sort of sweepstakes, randomly choosing one subscriber for something that age range wants, like a smartphone or a tablet?
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    Check demographics for that age. Try to be more targeted cause these are difficult markets at that age

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    sorry but i dont really understand what you are trying to achieve want to have a list only with the targeted age group? then u need their really personal particulars like birthday and ID. U need a very attractive offer.. Cash might help?
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    I think that 2 bucks an optin is ridiculous, I think that your search criteria is ridiculous.
    I think for a free product it should be maybe .30 cents for what you are targeting. I mean your not doing sex, your not doing internet marketing or any of those.

    Hell what you are doing could be done on Craigslist for free.

    Didn't mean to be rude just honest is all.
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    How about iPhone 10 as a giveaway? Your audience will be glad to opt-in and wait for few more years for your package. If you are wondering how iphone 10 looks like...

    Seriously, it'll all depends on your niche that your promoting.. If you are just trying to build a list with out any backend monetization then $2 per lead is expensive.

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    You don't really want to ship something for just opting will be worth it I guess if you're willing to spend on shipping. Best bet is to give them a discount. I've seen sites that offer money (not really discounts/coupons). Works the same way but what I mean is, when they sign up they instantly get $20 so they can use that for purchasing something they like. A sort of credit...
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    Pack of the tons of PLR articles or some free image editing program would be a good choice.

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      Originally Posted by dahcster View Post

      Free software if you've got any. Its better to give something digital since its easier than mailing in an actual product.
      Let's say that the target market is not very interested in the Internet. What kind of digital product would be attractive to teenagers?
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    you could put together a little eBook of some sort or simply share some information with them that you KNOW could or will benefit them in some way.
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    I've thought about e-books, but what could possibly be so interesting that a teenager would put his/her ID on the website to get it for free?
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    young people like music collections or details about their fav artist.
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    offer them cash coupons, they can buy products of their choice, using those coupons.
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    Coupons of what for example?
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    PLR ebooks on the niche in question.

    A compilation of PLR ebooks and if possible videos with the ebooks as well.
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    The thing is, that there is no niche, there is only a target audience. Suggestions on a niche attractive to almost all teenagers?
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    I suggest using a quality self-written report of yours on the same subject as the niche you are targeting. You can use ebooks/reports/videos or even a replay of a webinar.

    Hope it helps.
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    Interesting post
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