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Hi Warriors,
I hope I'm posting this in the right area.
I just finished creating and uploading a free game to Apple and am awaiting their review.

What do the Warriors think the best ways of marketing and driving traffic to an App are? I'm curious to see what all of you think.

Here's what I have so far:
in App:
facebook like/wall post
twitter friend/tweet
email capture for list building
links to retail product (available in big box stores)
videos and cinematic content

out of App:
tutorials on Youtube with transcriptions and closed captioning
facebook page
twitter account
tutorials on Vimeo

What are some ideas that you think would help build awareness and drive app downloads? It's a kid's game, fun, and well made.

Thanks Warriors!
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    You are on right track but make sure you do it in organized way. Ideally you want to find where your potential customers/buyers are hanging out. For a game, you can explore

    1. web forums
    2. mini viral campaign with elements of gamification - involve FB and twitter
    3. find how similar games are marketed specially of your competitors - reverse engineering is the easiest way to find ways/places to market
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    I would suggest if you could contact a number of app review sites, I think it could drive downloads and exposure. Pitch your app to those review sites and you'll be rewarded if they pick it up.
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    I will be publishing my first Android game soon and have incorporated into it:

    Facebook:- Game has a screenshot button so if pressed a screenshot is instantly put on the players facebook timeline.

    Twitter + Facebook:- Player has the option at end of game to publish and tweet their score

    High score leaderboard so players have something to aim for.

    This will be a free game with advertising and I am going for 'word of mouth' to drive installs.

    We shall see what happens.
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