Best tools & techniques to add REAL facebook friends ?

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Does anyone have any real and legitimate ways to add friends on facebook?

I'm not looking for automation tools which will blindly add friends...I'm talking about real, genuine methods to build a larger base of friends (with a specific common interest).

Thanks for any tips, links, etc.
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    Start a blog and write about your interests. Let people know on your blog how to contact you on Facebook. Suggest to them... If they have the same interests as you to send you a friend request.

    If you want more friends on Facebook, you got to social market yourself.

    Rob Whisonant
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    I'd advise you to create a Facebook fan page and try to get likes rather than trying to add friends to a personal Facebook account. With a Facebook fan page it's easier to link your brand and website to the Facebook account.

    Once you've got it set up, I'd then follow the steps below:
    1. Link back to your Facebook fan page from your blog.
    2. Find relevant fan pages and then start liking them via your Facebook fan page. You can find these fan pages by searching directly on Facebook or visiting some of your favourite blogs in the niche and looking for links to their Facebook fan page on their blog.
    3. Once you've added relevant fan pages, their updates will start appearing in your news feed. Start participating with them regularly by liking their statuses, making relevant comments and sharing some of the posts on your own fan page.
    4. Update your own fan page at least once a day and focus on image based posts (these get more likes and shares than text and link based posts).
    5. Keep liking relevant fan pages as you find them to constantly expand the base of fan pages you are interacting with (the more relevant fan pages you interact with, the more targeted fans can potentially see your comments).

    Doing the above will help you slowly build up a base of real, targeted and engaged fans.

    To speed up the process, I'd also recommend you read James Penn's Big Blog Traffic and check out some of his products. He's one of the best I've seen when it comes to Facebook marketing. He only started his Facebook fan page for his health blog in March this year and he's already got over 7,000 likes and generates 1,000s of visitors from Facebook every single month. He's got some excellent methods for getting real, targeted fans fast and all his techniques are innovative and non-spammy.

    Hope this helps,

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    Honestly, you don't want to go adding everybody, make them add you.

    You should create a presence about yourself in your niche, and then slowly grow that into your social media platform. Write about what you do etc, and provide some decent quality content and information on your facebook. When people see what your about, you will have people add you - and those people will be targetted people.

    If you just go adding anybody, it's not going to help.

    If you really want to add people, then you must find people that are related to what you do. Message them with some value/content, or a good message that doesn't look spammy; it takes time, but you are so much more likely for them to actually accept your request, read who you are and visit your page. Just simply adding people on facebook is a really poor business practice; it takes a lot of time, and that time invested may not reap you absolutely any reward; please understand the 80/20 rule.
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    Join Facebook groups and fan pages. Contribute for the community. I guarantee, you people will add you as a friend themselves.
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    I would just post something like i really want to get more friends here. i will like all that like me back thanks very much.
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