FB pages? Post full article or only half linking to site?

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Im confused about FB pages and how I am actually suppose to work them. I was thinking of writing blog posts on my website then putting the exact same one on my FB page. Or should I just start it off on my FB page linking back to my main site for the rest of the article?
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    Try to ask yourself what your Facebook page visitors expect to see on your page. The answer will depend on the target audience.

    However, I believe in most cases it will be better just to put only two or three first sentences on the Faceebook page together with the link to your website. Your website is probably the place where you have the order form so you may want to drive the traffic this direction.
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    mate it depands on your site niche, suppose if your site is about Weight loss, take any image from the internet about weight loss and on the description write some Catchy lines and put your article link or use tiny url.

    What i found is that many people on fb are attracting by Images.

    You can also Put few lines of article and put your site link into it. if you any further question don't hesitate to ask
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    only put a snippet,, Most FB users are lazy and if they are interested they will click more

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      Originally Posted by Thomas W View Post

      only put a snippet,, Most FB users are lazy and if they are interested they will click more
      Agree with thomas
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    If you post a link to your Facebook page pointing to the article on your website it should automatically create a snippet of your article along with an image if you have one on your website.

    You could then also write a short sentence enticing your Facebook fans to click on the link.

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    Ya I ended up doing that. Just putting a link and it automatically pulls whats in the descrption of the article! Thanks everyone!
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    If you post full page, the fb readers have little chance to go to your website. I think very good to give a teaser so your readers have the chance go to your website.
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    Instead of a snippet, why not a summary of the article in your own words? I find that works best on my own personal FB page.

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    What I relized

    You need to have personal connections with your audience.

    Yes images will get you likes and shares but there is no connection.

    Find groups for your niche and post useful information pointing back to your fanpage.

    Build up an audience for your website through your fan page.

    Ask questions to your fans on what they would like. Dont just throw an artical out there for a hand full of people to go to.

    Set your page up where half of your fans will go to your website in one post.
    If you have an artical ready, post unlinked information around that artical with a good picture. Around 12 a day with 4 posts at once. You will see what people like.

    Move more so to what they like. You will see more and more likes to your posts.

    Once you get alot of likes to a post that is unlinked but related to the artical you have, then post your artical. Dont just post the url, give some imformation with the discreption like you would with a picture.

    If you do this right, you will get hundreds of people to your website and they will share your link to your site. In that artical you should have a facebook like button, not to the site it self. A link that will go to your fan page.

    Try to set up an audince for a week before posting an artical. Once they see this, everyone will click, read and like. Then do it all over again the next week with a different artical.

    You can see what people like and write an artical from that.

    Good luck, hope it helps.
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    I cant agree with Ali any more. Dont post any of your article. Post a related image with a few teaser lines of text. People are much more attracted to images.

    My experience with this comes from the fact that I make my entire living with Facebook.
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