[Flippa] How many days should I run the auction?

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I want sale one my high profitable (last 30 day site make more than €750) web site on Flippa. I want advice:

How many days should I run the auction?
What is recommended Started Bid?
What is recommended Buy It Now Price?
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    As a general rule, I believe sites are worth at least 10 months of proven profit. If your website is making you $10,000 a month, then you should be selling it at $100,000 Buy It Now

    Don't sell yourself short. I've seen a lot of bogus/suspicious looking listings on there that claim their sites make $500-$2,000 a month and they're selling it off for a few hundred dollars. Yeah, that seems legit.

    How many days will be by preference but if you want my opinion, I say the shortest time possible. Giving people a lot of time to think about a purchase might cause them to change their minds, creating a sense of urgency by putting a shorter time constraint on a customer does wonders. Big launches and websites do it all the time.

    I prefer Buy It Now over bids but again, everyone has their own preference.

    Skype: Coreygeer319

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    What recommended started bid is in this case?
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    I had some sales go crazy by starting out with no buy now option, and starting at 1 penny. Talk about a frenzy! Cause once a person buys it, they see it as theirs. Then someone takes it from them, so they buy it back. All these sales bring it to the top as well. It's crazy!

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    pikerones, that depends on the site.
    Do you have traffic, do you have revenue, do you have quality backlinks?
    Is all the content totally unique? Is the site selling proprietary intellectual property, if so what is the value of the IP?
    Need a way to drive traffic to your new site?
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    I run an auction from 5-7 days. If your site only has one month of earning history, that's far less significant than a site with at least 6 months earning history. No one can tell you what to charge, but a lot of people swear by the old 10 x monthly income theory, but that won't really wash with a new site with little earning history.
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    How many days should I run the auction?
    What is recommended Started Bid?
    What is recommended Buy It Now Price?

    7 days is totally fine, worked for me
    Start the bid at .99, just make sure you have a RESERVE
    Buy it Now at around 10X what the website makes monthly. Don't try to put a low buy it now to attract visitors if you REALLY know your website is worth it.

    Hope this helps.

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    thank you for careful answer
    Can I change Reserve Price during the auction?
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    Price it at $3,000. List your auction at 5 days.
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    A week is more than enough, after all you will have hard time with hundreds of scammers (and few legitimate buyers) emailing you with a reason or without a reason and commenting on your Listing.

    If you are a new seller, you would probably have a little bit more hard time than the others.

    Whatever you do, if you started an action, don't reduce the period. Whatever you set as time keep it up because if you set it for a week and change it for 3 days, you will be loosing potential buyers who already assume the site is going to go in a week not in few days.
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    2 day ago I run auction. auction time is 10 day. I have 0 bids ((
    now my auction have this statistics:

    Listing Views 234
    Users Watching Listing 9

    this is good or bad?
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    10x is a made up number from people who don't know what they are talking about. It gets spread around forums so much that people start believing it. It's quite worrying that some people just pluck random numbers out of thin air. Pricing it at 10x could lose you a lot of money if it's actually worth more. If it's worth less, you're just going to waste your time and money on an auction.

    There are SO many variables that it could be anywhere from 2x to 100x.

    For sites in the $10k range (sounds like yours), 7 days is probably the best length to go with.

    Regarding what it's worth, you need to give far more information than you have already.

    Starting bid, I always go with $1, no reserve, but you need confidence to do this on a ~$10k site
    I specialize in selling websites over $10,000 in value. No obligation, confidential valuation here.
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