what are your biggest problems in your business?

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I am taking a survey of the biggest problems people are facing in their business, rather it be seo, or list building I would like to know what your weakness's and strengths are.

my weakness is definitely copywriting, as I find it a long boring process, and sometimes I just feel like it's some magic voodoo that only the gifted writers can comprehend.

My strongest is seo and list building at the moment, I just spend years learning seo and list building that I feel I have enough knowledge now to take action where as before all I would do is procrastinate.

Another thing I am good as is designing great websites and providing good content to my readers, I think this is the most important skill that you can have.
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    I'm a computer nerd through and through, so never have problems doing the technical stuff.

    I'm a decent writer, so never have trouble writing blogs, e-mails or copy.

    For me, the hardest things are probably being creative, and being consistent.

    I'm a dreamer. (which isn't bad), but I'll often start a project, then start another, then start another, then JV with another, then JV with someone else, then get massively disorganized.

    Also, like everyone, I'm easily distracted.

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    Writers block and knowing what products to sell. I get over 300 targed views per day but not a single sale.
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    Running out of disk space on my hard drives.
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    I have no artistic bone in my body, even a simple header for me looks like something from space. I consider writing artistic also.

    My greatest strength is finding others who are good at what I'm not.
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    Everyone's problem is consistency. Most are jumping from one idea to another without accomplishing something...

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      Originally Posted by Adie View Post

      Everyone's problem is consistency. Most are jumping from one idea to another without accomplishing something...
      Yeah..Focus is definitely key. "shiny object syndrome"
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    My business needs promotion. This is the only problem I have. It’s very hard to beat the competition I deal with.

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    Marketing in general, list building, content writing, conversions. Im a programmer not a marketer. My software works well but my ability to market it sucks so much that 90% of my sales come through contacts I have made when I was a freelance programmer and not from people I dont know.
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    Areas I need to develop further are my technical skills as they slow me down considerably at times.
    If I had a tech side kick i'd be multiples ahead re efficiency and productivity i'd imagine.

    "If one advances confidently in the direction of his own dreams and endeavours to live the life which he has imagined - he will meet a success unexpected in common hours"

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    The biggest problems for our business is we are relying on internet business too much, do little on offline business. By the way, our website's bounce rate is too high, also google search drives traffic to articles, not the product's page, so the sales is not good.
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    Honestly, my biggest problem has been my own consistency but now I'm finally ironing out all those wrinkles.
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