What's the real secret to getting views on YouTube?

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Hi, I've been trying YouTube for a while but never had any success. I followed the usual advice about YouTube SEO but my videos never got much views.

My videos also do provide value.
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    Are you doing your keyword reserch first? Then making video's with those good keywords?

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      Originally Posted by dadhere View Post

      Are you doing your keyword reserch first? Then making video's with those good keywords?
      Yes, I follow all the YouTube SEO tips.
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    ... these days? fiverr, lol.

    But if you're talking about honest traffic/views it's the same thing that works for getting people to read your blog, and the same thing that gets other web sites to link to your link bait... good, quality, in-demand content. Period.

    What is your niche? Figure out what people want to know about the niche, what kind of videos are people currently watching in that niche?

    Of course putting a hot blonde in front of the camera helps the ol' view count too. lol
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    My advice is to create a very interesting video and it will get much larger views. Go the viral way.
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    Adam if your video provides value then the only problem would be tough keyword. You might be targeting a tough keyword try to include more description and social bookmark your video for better rankings.
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    Do the "mall" trick.

    If you showed 10 people at the mall the video, how many people would say "OMG!"

    You want the OMG effect
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    I have found that having good content pulls in views also, or keeps your subscribers there. Marketing and getting your videos to the top of the page for keywords brings in new business.

    You gotta have the keyword in the title. In the description along with a mini article about the keyword. Then the keyword needs to be in the tags.

    After that hit the video up with some backlinks from link a bulk pinger.

    The worlds best dating coach

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      Quality, unique, and unusual videos, period.
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        Originally Posted by Horny Devil View Post

        Quality, unique, and unusual videos, period.
        This. You either want something really good, or a video so bad that people just have to share it.
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  • Good title, good description and good use of keywords can lead towards a lot of views in youtube. Billions of people are searching different kind of videos everyday in youtube. Do not target a niche keyword. Use long tail keywords in the title. It will help you a lot.
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    Try posting very interesting and popular videos. People will be curious to see what else you have posted and you will get lots of views!
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    1.Make sure you put a call to action on all your videos. Somewhere in the beginning, middle, but definitely the end. (subscribe, comment, like/dislike) - Youtube actually counts this in their algorithm.

    2. Post good tags - although not visible they still do count.

    3. Make sure the video offers good value

    4. Add some Personality to the video - I have found that even 7-10 minute videos go by very fast, if the videomaker/actor has some humor/excitement, etc... (remember no one has time to watch long boring videos)

    5. Treat like a blog - Make 1 video at least 4-5 times a week and be consistent about what days you make vids - Alert your list every time you make a new video (if you have one)

    6. Feature your best video on YouTube Channel. (After I watch a video- I usually click the person's username of the video which takes me to their channel. So If I do it, I'm sure other people do the same. Wouldn't you want someone who clicks your username, be taken to one of your best videos)

    Hope this helps!
    How Can I help...
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    You need to have good keywords and great videos!
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    What are your videos about? The reason i'm asking is because there are certain niches of videos that target very small crowd of people no matter how good your SEO is.
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