What is the best way to download youtube videos?

by asc
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As the title says really..

Looking at learning adobe premier and want some vids to play with, to get a fee for what to do. Any free and easy suggestions as to how to get videos from youtube to my pc?

Thanks in advance
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      Originally Posted by alistair View Post

      Thankyou. I see you are UK based too! I am in northwest UK, how goes it in the IM world with you?

      ps..sorry for immediately derailing a thread (but i did make it so not all that bad!)
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    Hey asc why don't you use Youtube downloader to download videos?
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      Originally Posted by Ali Thunder View Post

      Hey asc why don't you use Youtube downloader to download videos?

      ....because until about 5 mins ago i have not heard of it! Really not shown any interest in vids apart from the couple I have made on a website, maybe I need to take interest. And if i googled it i reckoned on having lots of sales type of stuff there so thought i would ask here first. but yes thanks for the pointer, I am going to look at youtube downloader right now!
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    I've been using Minitube to do this, seems to work very well.

    Minitube, YouTube app for Mac, Windows and Linux

    It's a paid product for Windows and Mac, but if you run Linux you can get a free version, which is the one I use.

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    There is an extension for you if you are using firefox and also you can install IDM to download any kind of videos easily. Because it will show you the option of download any time you click play at an online video at any site.
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    Thanks for the advice guys. I have got the youtube downloader now, and also looked at the firefox plug in. So far the firefox plugin is far faster than the youtube downloader, both are great and pretty straight-forward but I think for now I will stick with the firefox plugin, seems very simple to use and a few choices of format to download to - this is for anyone else who might want to download vids too!

    Thanks again all
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    Youdownloader is good for here to download Youtube videos.
    Interactive Bees Pvt Ltd best known for Quality Web Development Solutions and Online Marketing Services.
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    hey asc, if you are using Firefox there is an awesome extension to download videos from nearly any site. It's called Ant Video Downloader, it's the best thing I found so far for downloading videos online and it's free
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