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hi all

what is your donations "policy" when it comes to using free plugins from wp plugin database?

are u donating for each free plugin you install?

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    I currently use 37 plugins on one my wordpress site, both free and paid. I usually make a donation to the free ones that are truly great and most helpful. These donations are usually between $10-$50.
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    I am sure you are after honesty here so that's what I will give you. I have used a ton of free plugins over the years and I don't think I have ever donated to any of them. It's not so much the money factor for me. I'm usually in a rush when installing plugins because I am in the middle of getting something setup so making a donation would take me away from that.

    I have to say the people behind some of the most successful free Wordpress plugins must be absolutely terrible marketers because some of them have had over a million downloads and the best they can do is just ask for donations. Imagine building a list on the backend of that plugin. You could make a killing.
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      Thanks WillR.
      Appreciate the honesty.

      Any other warriors willing to share?
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    My attitude is that the site couldn't exist without these plugins, so as it makes money, I intend to share the income with the people that make the site possible. Until that time, the best I can do is spread the word with notes of appreciation in the forums these folks have, good comments, ratings, etc.

    Have got to agree with Will R, these folks could really use some marketing assistance. Opportunity anyone??
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