Any Ideas on driving traffic to a squeeze page?

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Well I have a few web based squeeze pages, that i would like to build my list with. but all i need is the traffic I have been looking for and wanting to do Solo Ads, but I don't have much money at the moment for quality paid advertising. I have been googling for the past 2 hours for free solo ad networks, people who sell solo ads just in case i find a cheap one lol and ways to get traffic, but im bombarded with spammy looking stuff. So any Ideas on how to drive free traffic?
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    There are plenty of ways to drive traffic, try some of these:

    1) Link exchange on a relevant website
    2) Writing in the comments of a website or blog post where people might find your content useful
    3) organic search results
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    • I have found to be useful, great genuine traffic for Free.
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    Free gift+ Forum signatures = Success. Be creative though.
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    I could write a novel on promoting squeezepages...

    1) Seo
    2) media buys
    3) ppv
    4) solo mails
    5) social media marketing

    You only need to get good at 1-2 of those, so pick your poison
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      yeah if you have no money to get paid traffic...then getting free traffic will take time...

      ...but yeah all the usual suspects:

      guest posting
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      Originally Posted by Sarevok View Post

      I could write a novel on promoting squeezepages...

      1) Seo
      2) media buys
      3) ppv
      4) solo mails
      5) social media marketing

      You only need to get good at 1-2 of those, so pick your poison
      You should write that novel cause I will be willing to read it! and right now im working with some free solo mails! as soon as I get capital from my free traffic, then paid solos and other ads are whats next for me!
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        Mainstream Traffic
        • SEO
        • High traffic sites
        • PPC network
        • Media buys
        • Solo ad
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        Originally Posted by DaZapper12 View Post

        You should write that novel cause I will be willing to read it! and right now im working with some free solo mails! as soon as I get capital from my free traffic, then paid solos and other ads are whats next for me!
        free solos are a waist of time.

        Get good at Paid Solos, PPC, Press releases and Guest posting, they are brining massive traffic to our squeezes.
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    You can do alot of things. Don't use traffic exchanges or classified advertising (expect for Craigslist - unless you're selling something physical with prospects specifically in your city). Consider forums, blogging, blog commenting, article marketing, and Youtube.
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    Yes, the methodS just like what Sarevok said.
    One more thing I want to remind you,
    Make sure that you provide a valuable free giveaway.
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    +1 for forum marketing with a link in your sig to a squeeze page
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    Some ways that I drive free and targeted traffic to my sites:

    Youtube videos. I make one (well I use Fiverr to get one made) that answers a common question people in my niche have or solves one of their problems, then I tell them more info can be found over at my site. Clickable link in the description, and the traffic flows if the video is convincing and helpful enough.

    Facebook. I interact with others in my niche, comment on and like their posts, talk with them, tell them about how I think my site might interest them, show interest in theres.

    Twitter. I follow people in my niche, I re-tweet and reply to their messages, I tell them about interesting and relevant things I've got going on at my site. People come look.

    Blog commenting. I find relevant blogs in my niche (Google Alerts is good for this) and I get involved with discussions, provide relevant information, tell them I liked their posts. Add a link to my site whenever relevant (don't spam) and it drives a ton of traffic.

    Forums. I join forums in my niche, I give out good information and try and be as helpful as I can. If you can have your URL in your signature then people will see you being helpful and decide to check it out.

    Squidoo. I create a good quality and interesting lense, with a ton of information and a suggestion that to find more come over to the site.

    Should give you something to start with. Good luck.
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    I have to echo the person above that said Video. I use Video almost entirely to generate leads. Video converts over 300% better than just plain old text. Also learn how to rank your videos on Youtube and Google. That is all I am going to say, I don't want to give out all the secrets on just one post

    Please do not use affiliate links, redirects, or templates in signatures

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    Here are a few ideas...

    I agree with everyone who stated to use video marketing...

    1. Make a couple of videos of yourself giving away free advice about your topic ( do not spill all the beans though) and place your link in the beginning of your description box. Explain in your description where your viewers can get more tips or more info.

    2. Now what I'm about to explain to you might upset some experienced folk because this tactic freak'n works like magic!!! This is what you do...take some material from the free item you are exchanging for peoples email. Make a power point video explaining some of the material. Now here is what will drive people to your squeeze page. When you come to an interesting point, something you know the people in your niche wants to know, do not tell them in the video. Simply ask them to click the link in your description to get the rest of the info. You'll need camtasia and powerpoint for this.

    You will have to shape this method to fit your niche and what you are giving away.

    3. As far as paid methods go this is how you can get started with PPC for free. Use Microsoft AdCenter vouchers. You can purchase several hundred dollars worth on Fiverr for $5 buckaroos. I have purchased $200+ dollar packets before. This will at least help you to figure out if your squeeze page will convert. Then when you do get enough money you can go full force because you will know what keywords are converting. Hopefully you generate some moola in the midst of using the vouchers though.

    4. Check out - this is a banner ad program used by many reputable marketers. There are some nice deals over there.

    5. Here are a couple more ideas: Guest posting, forum marketing, blog commenting (the secret here is to be the first to comment with a valuable informative response), Use Facebook search to find pages in your market to comment and leave a link back to your squeeze page on.

    I hope this helps you out bud!
    Marc Bell | Branding. Selling. Networking
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    Who is your target market and where do they hang out?

    For example you could have included a link in your signature file here?

    Do you have a blog, or central homepage where I would be able to find out more about you and join your list that way? Connect all your social media profiles together and send the traffic back to this page.

    Buy some WSO's and implement the tactics
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      I've never tried Craigslist as someone mentioned but if you do you'd have to hide the fact that you made multiple posts. PM me if you'd like the video on Craigslist traffic generation. It's not very detailed but it's insightful for first timers.
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