To All Start-Up Offliners, IM'ers and Book Publishers

by Lina T
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I just receintly got an email from a buyer of one of my products and they were asking me for some advise ... and some parts of my response I felt was appropriate to be posted openly to hopefully benefit others in a start-up sort of situation, whether it be offline, online, writing Kindle books, whatever.

The original inquiry I got was in regards to a method and whether I felt the method was viable or not. I think most of the WSOs that are launched by reputable product creators are solid methods, however as buyers, there is an investment of time needs to be evaluated - are you willing to invest it? Even if you are not, simply knowing the process is usually worth the seven bucks or whatever the WSO cost because as you learn more and more processes, you can craft your business to cater to your strengths and what you enjoy doing.

In this business (I mean offline, online, kindle, most business models that turn to the WF to learn), money is not really the commodity we are investing, but rather it is time. And unfortunately, every solid method that I know of requires an "investment" of time to make it work. I call it an investment because I do not mean like 5 minutes to push a button - moreso, I mean what would be considered "sweat equity" in a business deal.

That is not a bad thing - I have invested a TON of time in the things I have built and I am able to live a life that I enjoy, that allows me to be with my daughter all the time, and allows me to do work that fulfills me in every way ...

I think for people starting out, my advice is don't spam people to get your message across and don't do anything that your inner gut tells you is maybe not the right thing to do!

Also, don't give up - if it feels like it is hard and others make it look easy ... I'll tell you, it is hard. Maybe after the years I am able to make it look easy, but anyone close to me would tell you that I work (present-tense) crazy hard and I have earned everything that I have. Anyone that tells you they got it easy, well, they probably have angel investors that they got connected to from some uncle or something. And they are asses for saying it was easy.

Best wishes to all of you and I hope to see you at the Warrior Event next weekend!
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