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Do you use segmentation especially for the big niches? IM/Diet etc - you can learn someone's sex, age etc - however for these type of niches I assume this type of profiling wouldn't help as much compared to a fashion store for example?

E.g. For the diet niche, you could include surveys that ask how they prefer to lose weight e.g. Diet/Diet and exercise/exercise - and you could target ebooks that are predominately about exercise to the 'exercise' segment and a recipe book etc to just the 'diet' segment.

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    I've run online promotions, emails etc for a few political campaigns for people running for national and state level offices - we do TONS of segmenting.

    Figure out what cause you come to us from, for example, and make sure that when we send out a message to our entire list it's very consistent, but the topic that is most near and dear to your heart is highlighted to seem like the most important one in the world to the person running for office. If you came in from another lead source we would assume that another cause is most near and dear to you, and you would get another set of emails which would seem to indicate another cause is closest to his/her heart.

    I started doing this in 2003 and it was seen as pretty radical in politics back then, its very common now. (I didn't invent the idea, I just noticed two other politicians seemed to be doing something very similar, and it seemed like a pretty decent idea to me)

    Anyway the more specific you can get in talking about the wants, needs, desires and causes about a person on your list the better your relationship is going to be with them.
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    Hey dude.

    In a niche like dieting, there is no use in my opinion. They are all opting in to lose weight. So that’s it. You have a list that wants to lose weight right? J

    If you want to segment it yourself, you can just use different type of opt in offers. Use “lose weight fast” opts, then use “build muscle fast” opts – effectively you could sell 2 different products to these 2 branches, but they both are dependent on losing fat, and could be marketed to the same kind of person.

    I think that^ is over complicating things though. For the diet niche, they want to lose weight, so just market the same product to them all J

    Plus if you start segmenting, you are decreasing your numbers; which means you are targeting less people. That’s not worth it.
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      Amateurs build one big list and treat them all the same.

      To get optimal results, segment your list whenever it is


      The more focused your message is to the market you're
      speaking to, the higher the response you will get.

      I segment my lists religiously so that I increase my chances
      of sending the RIGHT message, to the RIGHT person at the
      RIGHT time.

      Dedicated to mutual success,



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        As a rule of thumb, Adam, the more you segment, right from the start (in any niche), the better. Segmentation is all potential, later advantages, and generally has no downside.
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          Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

          As a rule of thumb, Adam, the more you segment, right from the start (in any niche), the better. Segmentation is all potential, later advantages, and generally has no downside.
          Alexa hit the nail on the head.

          Segmentation really comes into play down the road, but it's something that can really make a difference.

          Plus it's really not hard to do, so I don't really see a down side.

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    I segment all different traffic sources into different lists.

    You should also segment your buyers into a separate list as well.

    I did consider running all new leads through a survey to act as a sort of filtering system, but that could be more trouble than it's worth.
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