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Quite sometime ago I got completely suckered into a certain online storefront solution. At the time it seemed like a great idea, but unfortunately with no refund policy and (on closer examination) a rather antiquated system, I'm now completely disillusioned.

I'd like to bail, especially as there are quite a few monthly fees that I can completely avoid if I go it alone, but I'm not quite sure where to jump ship TO.

I love wordpress, and I'm convinced I can build a decent storefront using that as a platform.

Does anyone have any experience using wordpress as a storefront platform, and if so, what plugins are you using, and how is it working for you?
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    WordPress e-Commerce Plugin a WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin by Instinct | Instinct Entertainment

    I haven't actually used this yet, but I'm going to pretty soon. It works with Google Checkout, which was a plus in my book.
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    I recommend WordPress e-Commerce Plugin.
    More WP online store are listed at Online Store Tools and Resources

    Get FREE Autoresponder For Wordpress at

    Exclusive Private Label Rights To A Brand New Video PLR Business In A Box And Complete Sales Funnel. Every Single Month at

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      I used the paypal buy it button as the basis for a storefront in wordpress. they give you a little code snippet that goes on your site that adds in a shopping cart. I just made a new post in a specific category for each product. A bit of custom code creates a page of thumbnails of products and different areas of the store are kept seperate using wordpress categories. It looks good and works well

      Immediate notifications when someone visits your web site. Free WordPress Plugin

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    I personally use the Wordpress e-Commerce Plugin too.
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    It will all depend on how many products you have, if you want affiliates and so much more.

    I love wp ecommerce and set up all our students on that to start with however there are a few other free options that are also very good that can be integrated nicely.

    Now the ones I am talking about are not the ones mentioned in here but ones that thousands use all over the world.

    As I said it will depend on what you are selling and what you want to do.


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    corecommerce has great seo and basic features for a basic store. you can buy the software if you want to avoid any monthly fees. the wp solutions are very limited. Id rather have a yahoo store.
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    I have just finished a complete over view of wordpress store fronts and also contacted many users to get their experience.

    The best one seems to be shopp. Shopp — plugin ecommerce for wordpress

    You can see a customer at Sweat-Shop Productions - Designer Tshirts at Sweatshop Prices

    Followed by wp-ecommerce. WP e-Commerce | Instinct Entertainment

    You can see wp-ecommerce at my PLR site PLR Private Label Rights Articles

    Followed by mals which is not strictly a wordpress plugin but pretty nice just the same.
    Mal's e-commerce - A FREE Shopping Cart Service

    Here is a sample of Mals Childrens Furniture:: Baby Nursery Furniture :: Kids Furniture UK, Baby Furniture at Punkin Patch UK

    Now these are ones I am using in my coaching program and have been tested etc.

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      Just uploaded wp-ecommerce. Pretty easy to config.

      Only one problem with checkout, the cost is not showing on the paypal page.

      Any suggestions.

      Text Styles Design

      Website Design - Business Logos - Posters - Ads
      and More!

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        Originally Posted by Tina M. Rideout View Post

        Just uploaded wp-ecommerce. Pretty easy to config.

        Only one problem with checkout, the cost is not showing on the paypal page.

        Any suggestions.


        I`ve setup wp-e-commerce and uploaded just one product as
        I`m still building the site ... I wasn`t aware the price doesn`t show
        when you get to Paypal page ... I did have it set to "Shopping Cart"
        but that didn`t work at all ... probly from having just one product
        uploaded I guess.

        Anyway ... is this the only damn plugin on the planet that doesn`t
        have auto-update capability?? :rolleyes: There`s an update for the plugin
        today ... 3.6.11 ... I may post back after I update and play around
        with it a bit.

        WSO --> HOMEPAGER <--- WSO
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    Are you using the cart or the buy now.

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    I tried wp_commerce, very buggy and poor customer support. I had better luck with PayPal buttons.

    To Your Success !!
    - Rupps

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  • I wouldn't recommend Wordpress unless you just want to keep it very, very simple and even then you never know. Set up a subdomain and install Zen Cart -- much more powerful, full-featured and designed for commerce, not blogging.
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    Is there any continuation of this discussion? I'm on the verge of taking Shoppl. I didn't have too much experience with wp-ecommerce. My partner did give it a shot for a couple days and said it's buggy and not reliable. But don't like zen cart either. Probably if you're thinking about open source system, oscommerce might be the best solution. I also looked at the shopps done in shopp and comparing to what's on wp-commerce, zen cart etc - it looks head and shoulders above them. I have a good experience with customer support as well.
    I really would like to hear some opinions and reviews of shopp as this one seems very professionally looking thing + easy to use compared to the rest of the pack.

    Any feedback on Shopp or reasonable alternatives would be very appreciated

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    I've tried many ... many are buggy ... but not this one:

    Quick Shop v2.0 | Zack Design

    Try it! I highly recommend it.

    You'll love its effectiveness and simplicity.
    And it's completely free.
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      For a quick and pain-free setup, try out Market Theme.

      They've also got an online demo you can play around with before you commit to anything.
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        There are a lot of good ecommerce or shopping cart software or plugins out there but most of them are rather pricey. I have been looking for a Wordpress ecommerce plugins which has the functions of an estore (with shopping cart), membership as well as affiliate management all in one and must be affordable too. I found that recently. Guess how much did such a combination of Wordpress plugins cost you? Yes, $79.95 only. Furthermore, these plugins are quite easy to instal and you can expect prompt after sales support via the forum and blog. You can find more detail information from my recent blog post about Wordpress plugins. I hope this information helps.
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    You may want to see what Drupal offers 1st. Just a thought.
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      Originally Posted by DogScout View Post

      You may want to see what Drupal offers 1st. Just a thought.
      DogScout is right on... drupal + ubercart is plain'o awesomeness. It just stink'n works. Ever since I went to drupal, I can't imagine going back to wordpress, that would be so depressing and limiting!
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    I have installed wp e-commerce on a couple of client sites and have regretted it non-stop since. It's incredibly buggy and the support is non-existent. Plus it's not tax friendly for Australia.

    Apparently shopp has problems with wp-cache plugin - so I haven't had a good play with it.

    Am looking for a wp shopping cart to offer on my wpmu membership site as an upgrade for members - so will keep track of this discussion.
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    I installed the WP e-Commerce Plugin on a website and as you can see it looks pretty cheap:

    it is quite cheap looking and tricky to set up. I spent a lot of time looking for e-commerce plugins though and this was the only one I could get working properly (I'm an advanced Wordpress user). If you want professional looking, take a look at

    as it's a one-time fee of $115/$229 to buy with no monthly fees. A lot of Internet Marketers use it because it has no monthly fees.
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    Just as an fyi, I'm coming out w/ a little somthing:

    This thing will sell both digital and physical products....
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    Another good one is "Market Theme".
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    It all depends on what you are selling and how many items you are selling

    BUT my rule of thumb is to use systems that were created to do the task

    I wouldn't use Wordpress

    I love Wordpress too but its primary function is content
    I have several stores using Zencart. I wouldn't dream of putting products in a wordpress site - you have to rely on a 3rd party plugin and that is too risky for me.

    So getting back to my rule
    There are several platforms out there that have been built specifically as a shopping cart. Use those - you won't be disappointed.
    Zencart, OSCommerce, Magento, - there are many but these are the major ones (self hosted - no monthly fees)

    Once again it would all depend on what you were selling and how many.

    Getting back in the grove after taking a year off following a family tragedy.

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    Start with an Ecommerce Theme. For nice and cheap try: CssTemplateHeaven

    and PrestaShop Free Open-Source e-Commerce Software for Web 2.0 for free and fab.
    WordPress Freak

    WordPress For Business and Personal Use

    "You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose." -Dr. Suess
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    Has anyone tried Virtuemart? They tell me it works great with Joomla and it SEOs well with some plugins.

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