Facebook is now number 1

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For the first time I've ever seen (and maybe I missed it but doubt it) Facebook is now the number one site on Alexa, overtaking the big G


Love those that call it a "fad"

of course the Facebook stock is murdered today LOL
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    Wow! But come and think of it, it's just a matter of timing, I guess. The question is how long can Facebook stay there? ;-)
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      Originally Posted by rich8169 View Post

      Wow! But come and think of it, it's just a matter of timing, I guess. The question is how long can Facebook stay there? ;-)
      Cool lol. Thumbs up for Mr Facebook. I do use Facebook but not too much these days. I don't really want to integrate Facebook to my business, but then I worry I may be losing traffic so I leave it up

      Plus it's a monster for my time management
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    I've seen FB with Pagerank 10 before, even better than google's 9! And google own the pagerank algorithm!!

    Don't know what they are now thought, haven't bothered to check.
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    Facebook may be number 1 today but it wont last.
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      Originally Posted by wlasikiewicz View Post

      Facebook may be number 1 today but it wont last.
      You are probably right, I just think its pretty impressive, considering I'm on Google about 5 billion times a day myself LOL
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    This is nothing new, maybe it's new for Alexa but Facebook surpassed Google for most visits back in 2010.
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    dont be suprised if Facebook have bought Alexa
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    hmmm it's true... interesting
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      Well, people are really blind when it comes to Facebook, they will stay there until bored or sleepy. It's kinda good in a bad way.
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    There is already a thread here like this and it was a total fail...
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    Facebook becomes an addiction if we use it for long.So no wonder it reached at top

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    Yeah.. with lots of bots!
    Take out those and it will go down pretty quickly.
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    I really never quite understood why people are so obsessed with Facebook. The majority of activity comes from teenage girls I'm assuming.

    My friend's brother showed me his account because I actually wanted to see what the majority of people posted and talked about on his account. He has probably 1,000 people on his list, mostly High School girls and his wall was mostly filled up with.

    A) Drama. Those damn High Schoolers, they have such problems.
    B) Truth is posts. This is when someone says "Leave me Truth is" and people say things like "Truth is, we barely talk but you seem really.. blah blah".
    C) Random posters of things like "Hey girls, did you know that um, etc etc". I don't know if you've seen those or not, but they're pictures that are split up into four and they do a short sentence.
    D) People complaining about their day or life.

    Really, I don't like talking to the internet about my problems but it's an attention thing. "The more likes I get, the more popular I am!"

    I would like Facebook more if Mark didn't hire lackluster Engineers and release everything in a hurry. Their motto is rush it and break it or something like that. There will be another social media platform that comes around one day, but Facebook isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

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    Young people spend too much of their lives on Facebook and never get any form of exercise. They are going to grow up to be fat and soft
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    Yeah also noticed that, regardless of this, I think Google will take back it's place and Facebook will still be the number 2
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    I think that everybody knows that G+ vs. Facebook is like a long war, and Google Plus will win. With that being said, you can rest easy just in knowing that.
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    Hi have seen a comment above suggesting FaceBook requires a lot of time.

    This is simply not the case.

    I spend around just 30-45 minutes a day on it and I am seeing increasing traffic all the time from it.

    I don't even have to use every day if I have to get something done that is of massive priority.

    Great though that it has overtaken the BIG "G" and makes things very interesting.

    The thing is that almost everyone I know uses F/B everyday and I am sure it's the same for you guys too.

    Anyaway thanks for the post and all the best to everyone at the W.F.!!!
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    I have seen the news, a week ago in a blog post. But I am sure Facebook will not be consistent here .
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    I don't know how significant these numbers are. It's hard to tell if they are accurate, or what they mean. As anyone who sells anything online knows, there's more to a business than simply getting traffic.

    It's also less and less true that Facebook users are all very young. I've read several reports that older adults are the fastest growing users. I also remembering reading that younger users might even be abandoning it.

    While FB has nothing to worry about yet, it's clearly past the young and hip phase and is already mainstream and therefore dull and boring to certain segments of the market. Similar to Starbucks in a way.

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  • While I find these threads humorous, all kind of miss the big picture.
    In the blue corner you have FB, in the red corner you have BigG.
    Who is going to win? That would be Us!!
    More clients confused about which platform to use means more money for us.
    We talk about how to leverage GPlus in our upcoming course.
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    Google in my opinion has much more value then Facebook. Regardless if Facebook takes over #1 Google will always be 100 times more valuable then any social media site. Why? Anytime you need information about anything where do you go?
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    Facebook has a rather tight hold on the social media monopoly right now, and could for a very long time. People don't like to change and they'll be going to their FB profiles for a long time to come.
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    Actually what are the real factors for PR? Is it change frequently? Can Facebook there long time?
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