Not A Newbie, But Still Frustrated ... Do Feel That Way Sometimes Too?

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Hey Warriors,

this is one of those days that can turn into weeks where I'm pretty frustrated. Well, let's say the frustration and dissatisfaction comes on a regular basis right now.

Although I'd consider myself as a hard working person, I havn't came closer to my goal for the last 12 months or something. Yes, traffic hes increased, I've written a lot of articles, I've started a new website that grows slowly, but continually ... but in terms of my goals, improvement is missing at all.

I'm doing those internet things for about 1,5 years now fulltime with an income that let's me pay my bills - but that's pretty much it.

Do you know that feeling of working and working ... and still seem to get nowhere?

I love IM, I really do. And I'm greatful for beeing able to work fulltime on it. Yet, the next level long overdue ...

Sorry for complaining though.

Have you ever faced such a long plateau ... and if so, what have you done?

Really looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and bye!
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    Originally Posted by lifesofree View Post

    Have you ever faced such a long plateau ... and if so, what have you done?
    I tested everything. You're taking action, which is great. If you don't have a test of some kind constantly running on something though, you're working under a glass ceiling (as you've learned). Test your content. Test your site layout. Test your headlines. Test your traffic sources. Test your copy. Test your incentive offers. Your stuff can NEVER be good enough, there is always room for improvement.

    The good thing though? Small changes from testing quickly build to big results. So pick something to focus on improving: traffic, lead generation, sales conversion, backend, or profit per customer, and don't stop until you improve it. Then work down the line, and rinse and repeat forever.
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      This may be a case of "what got you here won't get you there".

      It's difficult to be specific about this without knowing exactly what it is that you do, but maybe you need to think about how to scale up to an entirely new level, rather than just doing more of the same.

      I'm currently in a very long scaling up process. It's not easy, I've invested a lot of time and money and results are slow to come. But I started because I knew that just doing more of the same was not going to be good enough for me, in the long run.

      EDIT: also, sometimes it helps me to just remind myself of all the things I have, that I can be grateful for. Think about it: your situation is frustrating, but still 100x better than the much more common "I can't make any of this work at all!" situation.
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    Not new to this, but new to the site and i know the feeling. It will come, keep chipping away and keep your eyes open for the next big thing!
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    Keep at it you have a plan and have set your goals..

    reaching the next level may be closer than you think
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    You need an accountability partner! someone who will slap you in the back of your head when your going off track.

    Established webmaster since 1998. Bought my first domain name for $70 and had to pay $1000 a month for hosting. It was the good life

    Skype: twool9
    Email me at thomasw9 ((((a)))) G mail

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    Yes I've been at it for a number of years now with no results to brag about...
    but I have changed direction and am concentrating on the offline model..!!
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    sometimes when I fail to achieve my target, I got frustrated. I took a short break, do which relax my mind( listen music, read inspirational quotes, have some tea). then think about the causes of my failure. make a new plan and start work.
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    As has been mentioned, its all about testing.

    To add to this, in my experience success in IM or pretty much anything boils down to:

    a) Specificity
    b) Testing

    When you buy an airline ticket, you've got to be exact. The time, the flight, seat, class, date etc. Use the airline ticket mentality in IM and that'll speed up results because you'll know where you're heading. The best measure and specify.

    Then its simply a case of testing and optimizing the hell out of everything like a mad professor until you have the perfect Frankenstein...which will never happen.
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    Yes, sometimes it's easy to feel that way, but the important thing is to keep expanding your client base, keep networking with new people, and build more business relationships.
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    Congratulations on even being at a point where you can work online full time, many people struggle to even make their first dollar let alone quit their day job. If you've scaled up your current method to the point that it can't be taken any further then trying adding some alternative means of monetization to the site and see how they perform. If you have time start a new project, now you know exactly what needs to be done you can outsource a lot of it with strict and specific instructions.
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