Another Crazy Website Idea - It Works Though

by John Motson 4 replies
Lol, I saw this site on Shoemoney, it's called What it
does is basically takes any image you provide and computer generates
a new one by creating a collage of adult images from around the

Here is the DNXpert 125x125 ad collaged by AdultMosaic - there
is a bigger version on their site but it's a bit nsfw:

Why is it a good website idea? It's something novel and unique and
as such people are linking to it from all over the place (Shoemoney linked to
it and he is pretty big in terms of traffic)... not to mention
they collect email addresses when you create a collage and they
provide you with an option to link back to the big image when displaying
your thumbnail... so they virally spread their link around.

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