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I don't kow where exactly to post this but I think this can also considered as an Internet Marketing Topic. So I want a squeeze page that gets a visitor's email address and forwards them to another squeeze page. Is that possible? Or another idea is the first squeeze page gets their email/phone number then emails them a free item and then redirect them to another squeeze page which offers another free item.

Sorry this is my first time with squeeze pages and so far the free ones aren't working and was wondering if there are other reliable ones out there which are free or paid. Either will do as long as it gets the job done.
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    It's possible but I wouldn't advise it.

    Getting one email is good and perhaps you can segment the list once you have it.
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    Squeeze to Squeeze page? What's the point of that? It is possible. In your aweber settings, go to opt in form setting of your first page and put a direct link to your second page

    As of phone number. Do you really think someone will put their real phone number on some squeeze page? You'll be lucky if they'll put their real name
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      Thanks for the quick reply. Actually I have a bunch of ideas but one is the first squeeze page is mine so I can build up a list and the second squeeze page is for an affiliate.

      For quality, affordable and reliable SEO services just email me.

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    Yeah it's possible. Not sure how the conversion rates would go, you would have to test it. Just make the thank you page or redirect URL after they opt-in to the following squeeze page.

    Good luck.
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    Buy Optimize Press, you'll be able to create squeeze pages with ease.
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      Originally Posted by MarketingMinded View Post

      Buy Optimize Press, you'll be able to create squeeze pages with ease.
      I agree with MarketingMinded, get yourself an optimize press and an autoresponder for you optins.


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    I don't advice you to to that "double squeeze page" tactic you're planning to.

    Just for a simple reason:

    You're really going to bother the person who say "oh well... let's sign in in this website. Maybe I'll find something interesting"

    After seen that double squeeze page, now that person is going to think:
    "Oh man... Do I need to sign in AGAIN?? This guy don't know that he's doing"

    Stay with the 1 squeeze page at the time model
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    What is the point of sending your leads straight to another person?

    Contact the owner of the affiliate product you want to promote and find out how to bypass his squeezepage and go directly to the salespage, and even then if the sole purpose of building your list is to sell their product you had better hope they will take good care of the buyer list you're generating for them.
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