Product owners: What do you use to protect your download pages?

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Just wondering, how do you currently protect your download pages? or what script/software do you use?

After working on my eBook on and off and procrastinating for 3 years, I finally finished my first eBook, which I'm now ready to sell via Clickbank. Just working on the web page and sales letter at the moment.

Personally I'm thinking of using DLGuard, but it's a little expensive for me at $147. I feel like that $147 could be better spent on marketing the site. I'm starting off with a limited budget and I was thinking of investing whatever I make from sales of the product back into improving and marketing the site.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
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    I use Wishlist Member. I also have Premise. WL > Premise though
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    wishlist all the way

    Sure it takes a long ass time to setup, and having wishlist for a simple pdf download might seem redundant, but I think it makes the website look more professional when they get a nifty login/pass.

    Also, wishlist will allow you to automatically integrate purchasers into your "buyer list"

    That in itself is worth the commitment in my book.

    (Not sure what the current price on wishlist is, but not too bad)
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    Three years procrastinating on the ebook? Please procrastinate three more years just to decide on using DLGuard because I am a product creator and would hate to compete with you. Just joking

    DLGuard even at $150 is a very sound investment for a very sound product. However, if you are looking ahead at the delivery and marketing etc. I would suggest Login Frequency Marketing from Robet Puddy and this is not an affiliate link:
    Login Frequency Marketing

    Also, follow his other products and examples of member sites as some also sell products via ClickBank. The process is simple and builds on residual income and that is why I recommend Bob's stuff.

    Jeffery 100% :-)
    In the minute it took me to write this post.. someone died of Covid 19. RIP.
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    The people who spend hours on Google looking for products to download,

    A) Don't have any money to purchase your product.
    B) Aren't going to do a single thing mentioned in your product.

    I wouldn't worry too much. Free grubbing scumbags really don't impact sales too much. Besides, a vast majority of the people who purchase those products have no idea how to find free products or what tags to use or even where to go.

    It's funny because it's the same people downloading products for free. They will continue to download product after product for years, store it on their hard-drive and wonder why it's not working for them :rolleyes:

    Skype: Coreygeer319

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    DLGuard is good. Edit your robots.txt file (research this). Always put your PDF's in a .zip file.
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    A) Don't have any money to purchase your product.
    B) Aren't going to do a single thing mentioned in your product.
    I couldn't of said it better.
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      Here's another alternative specifically geared toward Clickbank. It's called Quick Member Site by Bill Myers.

      Free for members: Pay-per-View site Creation software - download now!

      You can also see a short video about the product at

      You do need to join Bill's site (which, by the way) is excellent and well worth the small monthly fee), but the software is free. He even mentions in the video that you can keep using the software even if you join for only one month and then cancel (I think it's $8.95).

      Good luck to you,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    You can use mike filsaime's butterfly marketing script.

    It's a membership script, but you can build an entire membership around one product.

    In fact, the protections used in that script could be described as overkill in my opinion, but your product is safe.


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