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I know it has always been said to find keywords that are 3-5 words high volume low compeition. Say i found a high volume low competition word that is 7 words. Would that affect my ability to rank for it in anyway considering it is a high volume low competition keyword?
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    Nah, low competition means easier to rank for. and 7 words? good luck.
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    7 words!

    You should be fine, probably able to get in the top 5 with a domain reg of the keyword or some good onsite optimization.
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      7 words is long... although I don't see much of a problem
      with it, I do want to ask you this...

      Are the people searching gonna be searching this 7-word
      phrase, or are you trying to cover more bases doing this?

      Are you kinda seeing what I mean?

      Weigh those options!

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    Yeah you can rank for it, but is it worth it. How many advertisers and the cost per click? This would be more of a concern for me if the search numbers are good.

    Good Luck,

    Vision without action is a daydream...Action without vision is a nightmare.

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        i don't get my roi for longer tail keywords. i don't think it is worth to seo for those keywords (initially). so i usually include them in my ppc campaigns and when i get sales/conversion for those keywords, that is the only time i optimize for that keyword.
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