5 Smartest Things You've Done to Make Money Online?

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There was recently a thread about the 5 biggest mistakes people made as "newbies", and while it's smart to learn from other's mistakes, it's also smart to learn from their successes.

Here are 5 of my "smart moves"

1. Started creating my own products. I still sell affiliate products, but selling my own stuff brings in a LOT more money.

2. Stopped looking for "secrets" and started DOING.

3. Joined a Skype group of fellow marketers. Associating with other IMers is priceless, and has had a positive impact on my business, as well as my peace of mind.

4. Writing down tasks for the day, and referring to the list any time I feel like "slacking off".

5. Treating people the way I would like to be treated.

So, what are some of YOUR "smart moves"?

All the best,
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    Hey Michael,

    Here's my list:

    1. Never gave up. I'm a fighter. Things weren't always good and I had months when I had to borrow money from my friends and family to make it. But I never stop pushing my sites and campaigns and couple of months down the road I started making even more money than before.

    2. Stopped relying on Adsense. It's great but comes with a great risk. Not to mention you're dependent on Google and if you played the game long enough, you know what that means.

    3. Discovered building email lists and relationships. I've always said to myself I don't want to go down that road, but once I did I felt like it was a big mistake not doing it sooner.

    4. Diversified my income. You know the saying with having all your eggs in one basket...

    5. Conquered my laziness. Yeah, once you reach a comfortable financial level it's very easy to slip into doing nothing. Fighting yourself and making changes for the better, that's my proudest achievement, although not everyone will see it that way...

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      Here's my Smarter Moves...

      1. Anointing Myself an Expert

      2. Choosing Niches Wisely

      3. Building Segmented Lists

      4. Creating My Own Products

      5. Stop Listening to the Gurus

      6. Always Doing More Than Expected

      Dedicated to mutual success,



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    1- Treated my list as PEOPLE and provided killer content.

    2- Got into paid traffic, its been a blessing ever since.

    3- Followed my mentors foot steps to the "T"

    4- Established a good relationship with other vendors & Marketers.

    5- Outsourced all the hard tasks in my business.

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    Here are the smartest things I've done.

    1) Written out a full kind of mini-business plan of sorts, with detailed goals and outcomes.

    2) A newsletter that is pretty much awesome. Isn't based around a free offer; and till this date I still have 0 unsubscribers. (granted I only have a few subscribers but still.)

    3) Developed this ability to never give up, and cultivated my mind to stop focusing on what other people are doing - rather to spend that energy focusing on how I could improve my efforts and productivity.

    4) Treating people as 'people' not e-mail addresses and names on an excel spreadsheet.

    5) Most importantly: Purposely not trying to be perfect! You can get ALOT of ideas out on paper if you accept what your mind says to you first. Cultivate and then eliminate. Don't eliminate ideas do soon - and by not trying to make my site the de-facto God of all deus ex machina website. Just to be consistent and keep improving along the way.

    I guess mine are more mental aspects rather than strict marketing plus points.
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    1. Treat people as you would like to be treated.

    2. Make customer service #1. See above.

    3. Actually HELP your customers.

    4. If there is an issue with your product or service, go OVER and BEYOND what your customer could ever ask for. You will have their business for life.

    5. Everyday think of new ways you can give your customers more value and improve your offerings. Your customers will see your company as innovative and they will be attracted to you.

    All I can think of right now.
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    1. Capturing Leads into your funnel.

    2. Focused more on delivering value and the idea of

    3. Copywriting.

    4. Outsourcing.

    5. Market research.

    Just focus on these 5 and I almost guarantee that you'll
    succeed online. Of course, you do need traffic, but traffic's the
    easy part.

    The Beginner's Doctor

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    Originally Posted by Michael Oksa View Post

    2. Stopped looking for "secrets" and started DOING.
    This was a big turning point for me.

    1. Creating my own products (probably the scariest thing I've ever done, because of all the doubts going through my mind; but glad I followed through).

    2. Building relationships online list/JV's

    3. Being consistent everyday and taking massive action on my task.

    4. Under construction

    5. Coming soon


    This will NOT be up for long. Get it now whilst You still can. Btw it's FREE...
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    1. Tried
    2. Haven't given up
    3. Have taken action
    4. Have attempted to evolve my strategy
    5. I have been trying to monetize my passions
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    1) Discovered my passion
    2) Became the absolute best I could be at it
    3) Continued learning everything I could about it
    4) Sharing my knowledge
    5) Rinse and Repeat
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    Provide value
    Treat others with respect
    Listen to others
    Do what you love
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    My smart moves are-
    1) Joining to Freelancing Sites.
    2) Creating own products and selling services through WSO.
    3) Making plan properly before jumping to work.
    4) Accumulating various services into one site and providing the site link to my list.
    5) Working continuously day after day without being frustrated from failing.
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    1: Stopped trying to sell things and started understanding more about what make people tick.

    2: Decided to be a list builder and a list builder only Then applied what I learned in number 1 to the marketing of those list.

    3: Realized that any one revenue stream can and usually will dry up or at least slack off. Diversity!

    4: Understood that just like income streams, traffic sources can falter. Adding as many traffic streams as are viable for an income stream.

    5: I don't care how well it worked for you. I might not have the skill set, connections, or the will to do it your way. If the model does not fit me .. I won't be happy.

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    1. Spend 50% of my time (when starting a project) to research my prospects. Including age, race, gender, location, income, savviness (myownwords) for the largest section. I use Alexa and many others. Once I have this info I then look into their core complex and gain a full knowledge of their beliefs, feelings and desired relating to the niche I am working in.

    With this info everything else is 50% easier to do.

    2. Having researched I now investigate the biggest frustrations the market is feeling. Then I try and categorise their frustrations into one single category and demonstrate that their problems stem from one single problem.

    3. Then create products and services that meet their exact needs.

    4. Market market market....

    5. Continuously put my prospects and customers first. And I mean before my own revenue income. Learning to love them, understand them, empathise and support. After all they are paying the wages, without them I'm screwed.

    Marcus Rockey
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