(Lurkers Anonymous) Hi Warriors! I'm a recovering lurker...

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Hi Warriors! My name is Anders, and I'm a recovering lurker...

Seriously though, I'm writing this because it's one of the last things I need to overcome in my online career. Hopefully it can help some other compulsive lurkers as well..

So, do you have a problem with lurking? I do.

I have been on WF since 2006 and haven't posted much. I've reading... a lot. Learning a lot as well. And the last couple of years I have been doing a lot as well. But I have a problem reaching out and talk to people online. Not just here. I'm very outgoing IRL. So why not on the internet?

My offline marketing/web business is pretty damn successful and is running more or less hands off now. So I find myself in the position of being able to focus on what i really want to do. Make super awesome digital products and online services and sell them.

Cool! Good position to be in you'd say. Well, yeah! Got some cool stuff lined up for release but hang on... Do you think recruiting affiliates would be easier if I had actually interacted more with people? H*ll yes!

So if you recognize yourself and this lurking behavior... I urge you to push through whatever it is that is holding you back. Begin to interact with people now, today! If nothing else to find new friends!

I'm Anders and this is my first day as a recovering lurker. Feel free to hook up if there's anything I can help you with!
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