im making a wordpress blog, do i have to put my keyword in the properties of the images?

by axel9
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its important, or can i skip that?
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    Putting the relevant text ("Alt Text") in your image is good for SEO. So, it's recommended.
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    Yup use your keywords wherever and whenever you can although that doesn't mean you should take up keyword stuffing, just use them when appropriate.

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    If you are brand new, I would worry about setting the site up first.

    You need to worry about other on page factors before alt tags. However, it is an SEO tactic, so if yes, it is good for your site.
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    If you can maximize it with your keyword it would be better than using another word that no meaning at all..... my two cents

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    Try to use a variation / LSI version of your keyword in the description and caption. The ALT text and the name of the image can be your keyword.

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    For Google image search results, you should always use a relevant alt text. It's easy enough to do, so why wouldn't you?
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