How to choose a good domain name from websites

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Look guys Im obviously a noob and have a long way to go.But Im taking the steps to make sure I dont waste alot off time and everything I do is efficient.

Now the first step Ive decided to to take in affiliate marketing is building a site.

And i was wondering what do you guys look for when choosing a domain name because alot of domains names i like are taken under .com already and i dont want to choose something dumb that wont get searched.

Thanks alot
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    Primarily it's the name of my product.

    Next I would look for keyword phrases.

    If I still can't get what I am after I would add - to the domain name but no more than 2.

    If I still can't get the name I am after I would rethink the product name/keywords.

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    Look for a domain name that has expired. This may have a high PR, valuable back links and even some existing traffic. I use to find such expired domains.

    How to create your own private blog network for cheap

    10 tips on buying expired domains

    Setting up multi-site wordpress on low end VPS

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    I have great success using .org or .net, often out ranking the .com
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    While buying domains I consider that easy to remember, short, describing my niche and eye catchy.
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    It depend on what purpose do you want.
    Will you create some blog post?
    Which traffic source you are going to use?
    Is that the domain related to your niche?...

    But you don't need to let it be complicated.
    who know what is "Facebook" when it just get start?

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    Make sure the main keyword is in your domain and try not to make it too long.
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      I would strongly recommend reading this book. It will give you plenty of information about websites, and keywords and having a plan to begin with. It helped me A LOT! Although it's supposed to be about flipping websites, don't worry about that aspect, it will teach you how to find a market and set up a website in a very intelligent way..
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      My advice on this:

      It depends on what type of site you want to create. By this I mean, is it going to be a "minisite" or an "authority site"?

      A minisite would be one where you´re aiming to sell a specific product, or just a couple more. It would have just a few articles and you´re not going to go nuts putting tons of effort on it. For example, let´s say there´s a new course on Clickbank called "Gardening Heaven Tips", and you want to create a site to promote this specific product. Then you would go for the domain "gardeningheaventips" weather it is the .com, .net or .org extension (don´t look for other extensions such as .info, these carry very little power in Google. Also don´t look for dashes: gardening-heaven-tips is not going to be much good). If one of them is available, then you can consider yourself very lucky, cuz it´s going to be easier for you to rank on google for the keyword "gardening heaven tips". That is, of course, in case people are actually searching for that term, or you expect a lot of people to search for that term once the course is launched on Clickbank.

      This type of "keyword rich domain" does not have to apply only for names of courses or products. Maybe you see in the keyword google tool that there are tons of searches for the word "gardening quick formulas", and let´s say that the domain "" is available. Then you can buy that domain name and writing an article regarding gardening quick formulas and now you have an edge to rank on google for that specific keyword (and ideally you won´t leave the site with just that article, you should write more gardening related ones, cuz google won´t give too much power to a 1-article site). If you actually get to appear on the first page of google for that term then you will get tons of traffic (considering it has a lot of searches) and you can promote a gardening product or course (for example the fictional course I used as an example before). Hopefully you´ll get some of that traffic to buy that product or course.

      The second scenario would be the authority site. In this case you´re not aiming for a specific keyword, or just selling one or two specific courses or products: you´re actually looking to score big time and getting some long term income. If this is the case, then buying a keyword rich domain is not a necessity. Have you ever asked yourself what do the words "apple" have to do with technology, "google" with searching the web, or "zara" with clothes and fashion? They have no relationship at all; these companies built a brand, and nowadays people associate those names with technology, search and fashion, even though their names had no relationship with the subject of the company in the beginning. So for example with the gardening site, it wouldn´t matter much if you call it "", "" or some other name that you like. What will matter most is the good content you write, the relationships you build with other active members in the gardening sector, the marketing and backlinks you get for the site, etc. One recommendation I give though in case you´re looking for an authority site: look for a domain that has the .com, .net and .org available (ideally also the .info) and buy all those 3 or 4 extensions. In my opinion an authority site would have to have all these under their arm for their name. This is what I did when I bought the domain name for my pets and animals authority site. Additionally, check this article by the CEO of SEOmoz (the world´s leading SEO company) called "12 rules for choosing the right domain name" :

      12 Rules for Choosing the Right Domain Name - Picking the Best Website Name for SEO - Including Hyphens or Not and Choosing .com versus .org Domains - SEO Tips from Rand Fishkin | SEOmoz

      So there you have it: as I said in the beginning, it depends if you want to create a minisite or an authority site. Minisite: go for a super-keyword-rich domain with a .com, .net or .org extension (and ideally the .com). This will give you an edge to rank on google for that specific term you chose. Authority site: go for a branding name, ideally one that sounds good, cool or catchy. If you got any questions regarding this post ask them in the thread.
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