Need some info on domain+hosting pls

by Marian Berghes 11 replies
hello everybody, i just wanted to ask you if you can recommend me a site with cheap domain registering that accepts paypal and one site that has cheap hosting and accepts paypal, i dont have alot of money to spend that why i need it as cheap as i can get it

PS: namecheap and godaddy excluded

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    I purchased all my domain at namecheap and godaddy. So I can't recommend you others. For hosting, I use Hostgator. They accept Paypal and less than $10/month, that is very cheap.
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    Try or for cheap domains with Paypal.

    For multi-site hosting with cPanel for $36 per year see: Cirtex Hosting coupon code

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      yeah hostgator seems alright, i like the hosting plans but they have that $5 setup fee.... for domain i think i am going to go with
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        Hostgator would be a good choice for you!

        I would rather recommend working for someone as a freelancer and earning some money and then go for whatever hosting you ind best rather than going straight for the hosting you find cheapest!
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          and then you can go to for coupons!
          I use the coupon there for namecheap domains so I got the domain for $8.41.

          I think there were ~$5 domains, I'm not sure where.
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          everybody is saying go an work as a freelancer like that is so easy, almost nobody takes you into consideration unless you have alot of experience in the domain you want to work...for example im pretty good at ecover design, headers,banners, logos...but all of the potential customers asked me if i have like a 30 ecover design portfolio, 50 headers etc...but i only designed for my how exactly am i going to get hired? i only got 1 freelancer work from 31 bids, and i could make them all and i asked below the medium bid.
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            what about writing. even if you think you aren't a great
            writer most people can do freelance writing.

            there are a ton of great courses out there expecially anything
            by JD Swanson or Brian McElroy.

            As far as your original questions - I never use anyone for
            domains but namecheap (I know you said they weren't an option
            but they are the best) and hostgator for hosting
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            Take a look at Learn about Rent A Coder(RAC) and how to succeed in RAC by watching videos! That's a great video guide for RentACoder I've working my way through now.

            In my experience, your portfolio and bid price relative to the median have little to do with you getting the job.
            Get in early, ask questions, and interact with the buyer in an intelligent manner, and you should be able to land 1/4 of projects easily.

            Roger Willcocks
            L-Space Design
            Please vote to help me win a 3kW solar array

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            I have worked as a freelancer most of my adult life and it is not that difficult to do if you have the right mentality. The easiest bet to get past the "Portfolio" hump is to create yourself a kick ass website (use Joomla as a content management system) and create a nice front page, a portfolio page, company information page and a contact us page (and any others that are relevant).

            Then fill your portfolio with demo work that you create. It does not have to have 30 covers, 50 headers etc. Just create some dummy ones for demonstration purposes and add in any actual client work.

            Also, if you have done previous work, ask clients for testimonials. That way you can always direct prospective clients to your active portfolio with samples they can see. Just because a client demands to see 30 samples etc does not mean you have to show them 30, just direct them to the portfolio page and that will suffice.

            You have to market yourself as a business and treat everything professionally.

            Freelancing can be highly rewarding but it can take time to build. However, if you treat each client like they are your only client and overdeliver you will be surprised how much follow on work you will get and word of mouth advertising.

            For our main business I have never once had to advertise as all my work came from word of mouth and referrals and I am currently booked up for almost a year.

            So do not be disheartened, it can seem like a major mountain but every journey starts with 1 step. So take that first step, present your business the right way and start promoting yourself and treat everything professionally and you will succeed.
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