email list to squeeze page or buy page?

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I'm going to do a joint venture email. Should I send people to my squeeze page and collect email addresses or should I send them to my buy page?

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    Are you talking about from your own email? You want them to register again?

    If you are talking about someone elses email list, then I recommend sending to a squeeze page.
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    Send them to your squeeze page with a JV give a way.
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    I agree. Looks like you're going to do a swap. It's better to send them to a squeeze page, that way you can capture their information first.
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    Squeeze page then take them to your buy page. Set it as an OTO. If you have a good catchy headline, it will convert and you get to keep some new subscribers in the process.
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    You can also send them to a low end front offer with a squeeze page pop up if they try to leave.
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    Agree with everyone else. Send to a squeeze page first. My attempts to send straight to a product page didn't work well.
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    Squeeze Page..ALWAYS !!!
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    Squeeze page with a great free offer for simply signing up!
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    I think squeeze page will be better than the buy page
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    yes, I will be sending an email to someone else's email list, not mine. my first JV.
    yes, i will send to a squeeze page, with free ebook for signing up, then to the buy now page, followed by autoresponders.
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    What you're describing here is potentially a list swap rather than a joint venture.

    Joint Venture is where you have a product to launch and want affiliates to promote your site in return for commission or other benefits.

    Before you do anything contact the list owner and see what they think will convert better? They know if the list is full of buyers or freebie seekers, or a mixture of both.

    Sending a buyers list to a squeezepage annoys the list, and vice versa.
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