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I'm a newbie and i want to start internet marketing. Can i promote Paydotcom products?

What are the necessary things i need to do so i can get my business up there!

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    1. Pick a niche
    2. Market research
    3. Keyword research
    4. Set up your website
    5. Drive traffic to your website
    6. Build your list
    7. Build relationship with your list and recommend products from time to time

    That is extremely broad but will help you start researching each area to find indepth info.
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    Here are your steps....

    1. Pick a Niche...( find product to promote )
    2. Get a Squeeze Page
    3. Get an Autosponder
    4. Start driving Traffic
    5. Build your List.

    Research these 5 steps here on WF or elsewhere.
    Get good at the 5 steps.
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      I enjoy replying to these posts! J

      Cool so here's a few tips and a little guide to get you going mate.

      1. Take a deep breath.

      2. You are going to get marketed to by several different marketers, all offering different types of products to help you build a business on the internet; now though most of these are genuine and can help you, it's not helpful to be looking at all of these. You must make sure that you do not keep looking for easier options/shortcuts/new products etc. My advice, is to pick ONE product/program/coaching that can help you get below the surface of this business, understand the core concepts and get yourself moving. So remember - do not become distracted by all the hype and different products, and shortcuts. Keep Focus.

      3. Don't become overwhelmed by the 100 different ways of making money online; it's one thing to keep buying products, and then another things to keep researching information. Stop reading, and take ACTION.

      4. I would suggest doing research on some programs and marketers offering good guides/coaching; you can see those by looking through this forums WSO section, and reading reviews for some step-by-step systems. You don't even have to buy these, there is a wealth of information on this forum that can help you get going; but I just think personally its easier getting a program, as all the information is organised, in order and can help you stay on the right path/track.

      5. Once you've found your product/program; make a plan of action, and write down your daily tasks of what you are supposed to be completing for the day. You will be surprised at just HOW important it can be to make daily task sheets. Honestly, this has saved me so much time, and prevented me from procrastinating. You must keep focus in this business to succeed. You can be easily distracted by shiny products, but remember the 2nd rule; keep focused on your one system/program, and plan your actions daily.

      6. Now those are just some basic mentality traits I would suggest. Now for business: It really depends on what kind of internet marketing road you are going down. However what I will say, is think about building an email list. This is a great commodity for you, and can make you a lot of money in the long run. So, whatever method you look at; you can probably incorporate a method of list building; so do that.

      7. Focus on driving traffic to great content. Make sure you create the absolute best content you can. IM is a competitive business; the internet has information everywhere, so how do you differentiate yourself? Well, you must over deliver on value to your readers. This will help you build credibility and readership. You will find loads of free ways to drive traffic on these forums, so work hard on this, and do not get lazy/complacent. No matter what kind of IM you do, make sure whatever you sell; however you sell it, you are being helpful, and delivering the best content you can. This will help you.

      8. Don't give up if you don't make money straight away. This business pays off with effort; just make sure you are putting effort into the right things (like content & traffic), and not things that won't affect you much (like choosing the "perfect" wordpress theme).

      9. ..... Not a rule here, but good luck and have fun with it. Go into a niche you are passionate about/enjoy, it will make the journey more fun and help you perform better.

      If you need anything else, just get in touch.

      Are You A Struggling Newbie Trying To Make Money Online? If You're Not...

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    1. Yes you can use PayDotCom.
    2. You can start by learning how to search your market and promote to them. That will depend on your niche. It can be in the forums or other high traffic sites. Then push their hot buttons and promote to them using the right words or have the right bait. They will click and buy if you did it right. You will make your first sale and it can only go up from there.
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        I don't mean to tease (and derail the thread), but this:

        Originally Posted by Jamie Clark View Post

        makes me want to make one of these face replacement memes:

        Carry on (and I'm only teasing in good humor, don't take it as an insult :p).
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    well, you can.
    Have you even heard about "Money is in your list"?
    Whatever what you are trying to sell,
    build your list at the same time.
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    Again lmao Joseph, you made me laugh twice in one morning. Try going Clickbank too, as they are more popular. Also, you can use other people's lists with solo ads and ezine solo ads to build your list faster. It's like having a list before the list. Make sure you target your solo ad to those kind of people. Reseach on google.

    Also, I found a Real Fortune 500 company that I willbe announcing to all warrior members in the near future. Just watch for it in the posts and in my signature.
    You can thank me later when you are jumping for joy when you see this.

    But for now check out my WSO Kindle cover program samples in signature that I will
    be launching also in the near future. I am almost finished, can't rush talent. lol.

    No affiliate inks in signatures

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    Before I would start promoting products, I would do the following....

    Go to Tradebit..... Buy...

    Power Copywriting for The Internet - Bob Serling - A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Million-Dollar Advertising Copy (not an affiliate link)... Currently $24.95.....

    Read it end to end three times....

    Find four products or services to apply Bob's process to.....

    Write sales letters for each.....

    Have them critiqued for free on the WF Copywriting area...

    Tighten up each of the sales letters..... Don't worry, the folks over at the WF Copywriting area will give brutally honest... and helpful critiques....

    Now.... Start building your list.... Buy Operation Solo (not an affiliate link)... Currently $19.95

    After you implement everything in Operation Solo, pay the $37 to join the War Room...... Devour as much as possible on Copywriting and List Building in the War Room... It is "all you can eat" for the $37 fee....

    Ignore all the shiny balls... finding the "perfect" niche.... and making money while you sleep "programs".... including other WSOs....

    Focus on Copywriting and List Building to start....

    Then, look at promoting paydotcom products........

    God Bless,

    Rich Beck
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    Originally Posted by adetunji View Post


    I'm a newbie and i want to start internet marketing. Can i promote Paydotcom products?

    What are the necessary things i need to do so i can get my business up there!

    The network you choose really depends on what kinds of products you are going to be promoting. Don't just go sign up for every network under the sun. The first thing you need to do is find a profitable niche market that you have some interest in and know a little about. This will make it easier for you to come up with content and connect with your audience. Here are some examples of profitable niches:

    make money
    weight loss
    learn Spanish
    learn guitar

    I hope this helps some.

    Good luck,
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