It's my first time selling a website, What should I do?

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Hi guys,

It's my first time selling a website on flippa and I wanted your imput on what I should do to attract more bidders.

My listing is at:
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    I start at 1 penny with no reserve and use escrow only, no Paypal

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    Great ad!!!
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    Excellent Job! I have done a lot of work on flippa.

    The 2 biggest mistakes I see are that people don't give income specifics and people don't give/provide documentation. So this comes across will shady to viewers when they see "Big money to be made type of post" and then there is no documentation.

    You have documentation. You have started the price low. And you are doing a great job on answering the questions and providing feedback.

    So I think your doing a great job! Congrats!!

    Have a free issue of my iPad survival and outdoor magazine at

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    Yeah, start with bidding options. Don't worry If it don't be selled - there are plenty of them unsold !
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    Don't expect too much for this website. Looks like it hasn't made any money in a few months.

    In regards to your auction, I would definitely set the auction to 5-7 days. I'm guessing you put it on 30 days and that is way too long for a site like this. (Even a 3-5 auction would be fine).
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    Originally Posted by SEOexpertSEO View Post

    Hi guys,

    It's my first time selling a website on flippa and I wanted your imput on what I should do to attract more bidders.

    My listing is at:
    1. First you have got to ensure your site is making money if you want to dispose it for an outrageous amount of money. Even if your site has lots of traffic, listing it before monetizing that traffic won't be a good idea.

    2. Having Google analytic will make it easier for buyers to verify your income claim, sites with good record of 6months stable traffic sells more.

    3. Since the last time i used flippa, members have trusting rate. Work on your trusting rate and aim towards been a good seller with reputation.

    4. Setting your auction time to 7days seems to work well because most people will have the sense of urgency. Anything longer can make your bidders lose interest, most people do things when they are in the spirit, take advantage of that.

    5. Set a low bid and your offer will be displayed in bright green colors which tends to be a big motivators for buyers.

    6. Also having a Buy it Now option get serious buyers who are not ready for the bidding war to quickly acquire your site. Unfortunately, a lot of people seems to have an unrealistic price of their site which drives their buyers away.

    7. Don't over hype your offer.

    8. Respond to comment and on time too.

    9. You can invite qualified buyers to your bid....

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    Here's a few ideas for you to look into:

    1. It's too long of an auction. People bid on multiple sites per day/week on Flippa, so your initial bidders may forget about it. I would lower to 5-7 days so there is a sense of urgency.

    2. Your reason for the site not making much money looks sort of bad on you. Your name is SEO Expert, but yet you don't have time to do SEO??? You may want to delete that comment and try to come up with another answer or at least tell them what they can expect to do for the site to maintain earnings. This way there is at least some comfort level for the potential buyer that you can help them go forward.

    3. Add some BIN bonuses or something extra. Maybe offer to give them a one hour consultation or 30 days of email coaching. Something that's going to stand out and say, "Hey, if I invest in this site, this guys going to help me be successful."

    Hope that helps!
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    Good luck with your auction! Hope someone pays you what you want for it!

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