Whic One Is Better, Aweber Or GetResponse for Email Autoresponder Service ?

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Hi Guys,

I am on the confuse options now about the email autoresponder service.
Before decided what autoresponder that I will choose, are there anyone can give me a suggestion, which one is better between Aweber and GetReponse ?

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    A tough question, basically you will get everyone who uses aweber, telling you that aweber is the best, and those using get response, will tell you that ones better.

    Personally, my advice to you would be to just go with which ever one and if it doesn't work out, then simply switch! both allow you to import contacts (if opted in to your newsletter)
    Feel free to chat if you live in the UK I may have something for you!
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    Personally, I are using Aweber.
    I decided to choose it, it's because it's easier to find out the tutorial video and many marketer are using it. it's easier to ask for help.

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    They are both pretty good. Getresponse is a bit cheaper, but aweber is used more by marketers. It seems that aweber might be a tad bit more advanced, but overall both are excellent for marketers to use. Mailchimp is also a good one to use and they let you build a list upto 2000 people for free.
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    Aweber for me!

    Unique Content is all that matters!

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    I use Aweber, never used anything else. Aweber does the job, works well for me.
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    I am now a fan of GVO. They are half the price and if you do not have hosting yet even better as they will host upto 5 of your domains as part of the package.

    I currently use them for auto responder and hostgator for hosting.
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    I dont recommend any of them.
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      Originally Posted by Chelsie1687 View Post

      I dont recommend any of them.
      So which one do you recommend? Do you mind of sharing it with us?
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    Another vote for Aweber. I have been using it for quite some time now.

    Aside from the reason that I haven't tried GetResponse, I find Aweber's interface as very user friendly.

    What's more, AWeber's professional design team is constantly creating beautiful new message templates.

    Louie Tugas
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    For ease of use starting out, I think Aweber is the way to go. Both do the job equally well.
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